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Get search results, and see a map display for up to three types of Ashoka network members: Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Changemaker Schools, and AshokaU Changemaker Campuses. You can filter your results by country and keyword. Ashoka selects the world's leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows; the leading elementary, middle and high schools as Changemaker Schools when their students prioritize empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and changemaking; and colleges and universities as Ashoka Changemaker Campuses when they make social innovation an embedded core value.
Type Name Country Description Election Date
Fellow Paul Sinton-Hewitt United Kingdom Paul founded parkrun to both create an occasion for people to be physically active and connect them... 2016
Fellow Patrick Holden United Kingdom Patrick Holden founded the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) to catalyse the transition towards a more... 2016
Fellow Akkai Padmashali India 2016
Fellow Anup Akkihal India Anup Akkihal is achieving last mile availability of public goods by building inclusive and... 2016
Fellow Saurav Kumar Ghosh India Saurav is bridging the critical human and financial resources gap needed to unlock the economic... 2016
Fellow Meera K India Meera has built a community news platform for and by citizens, that provides them with the critical... 2016
Fellow Ajit Singh India Ajit Singh is building a effective and ethical skill development value chain in India to empower... 2016
Fellow Greta Lucero Ríos Téllez Sill Mexico Greta is investing in the abilities of Mexican youth and fighting structural deficiencies to create... 2016
Fellow Santiago Ocejo Torres Mexico Santiago is transforming the way patients with chronic diseases access the existing health... 2016
Fellow Thomas Ricolfi Mexico Thomas is introducing a new paradigm for economic development in Mexico: a modernized and... 2016
Fellow Daniel Buchbinder Guatemala Daniel is democratizing the support given to entrepreneurs in Central America by offering a unique... 2016
Fellow Enrique Grapa Enrique is transforming the paradigm surrounding the mental disability in Mexico. By exposing the... 2016
Fellow Christian Thornton Mexico Christian is introducing a new approach of sustainable, people-focused production centered on local... 2016
Fellow Paulina Campos Villaseñor Mexico Paulina is transforming the affordable housing sector in Mexico by empowering neighbors to... 2016
Fellow Gabriel Rivera Rio Zambrano Mexico Gabriel is introducing a new system for supporting micro entrepreneurs by offering innovative asset... 2016
Fellow Simone Honikman South Africa Simone works with public healthcare workers and pregnant women from disadvantaged South African... 2014
Changemaker School StarShine Academy StarShine began as a laboratory experiment in 2002, within a real school, to develop the very best ...
Changemaker School Woods Learning Center United States Woods Learning Center is a kindergarten through eighth grade academic program, dedicated to...
Changemaker School YouthBuild Charter School of California United States YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) holds a unique place in the landscape of California’...
Changemaker School The Renaissance Charter School r of educating theyouth of our city, starting as a small alternative school within the NYC...
Fellow Dramane Coulibaly Niger Dramane Coulibaly has successfully reversed centuries-old cattle raising practices among Peul and... 2011
Fellow Tarik Nesh-Nash Morocco Tarik Nesh-Nash uses a series of online and offline tools to bridge the gap between citizens and... 2012
Fellow Aicha Ech Channa Morocco Aicha Ech Channa is changing societal perceptions of unwed mothers in Morocco, from a socially... 2010
Fellow Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi Morocco Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi is modernizing the educational system and linking students and graduates... 2007
Fellow Alaa Murabit Libya Alaa is shifting the paradigm around the role of women in Libyan society. She uses religious... 2014
Fellow Orri Vigfusson Iceland Orri Vigfusson has successfully orchestrated an international effort to conserve and restore the... 2004
Fellow Isabel Maria Garcia De Almeida Guinea-Bissau Isabel De Almeida is the leading nutritionist in Guinea-Bissau. Her goal is to establish a... 1994
Fellow Aniceto Guterres Lopes East Timor Aniceto Guterres Lopes is educating the citizens of East Timor to better understand their legal... 2001
Fellow Leila Ben Gacem Tunisia Leila is creating and growing a grassroots movement led by students and heritage activists’ and... 2016
Fellow Mustapha Jazar Lebanon Through LASeR, Mustapha is creating a process that recruits the best talents from societies where... 2016
Fellow Muhammed Al-Bakri Saudi Arabia Muhammad aims to prevent the re-production of poverty in the Saudi Arabian society by shifting the... 2016
Fellow Radwa Rostom Egypt Radwa is revolutionizing access to low- cost housing. Her approach combines innovation in design,... 2016
Changemaker School Graville T. Woods Elementary United States Granville T. Woods strives to give students a sense of agency and empowerment while enabling them... 2013
Changemaker School Mary Buren Elementary School United States As a largely rural, English learner, migrant farmworker, Latino community,Mary Buren Elementary... 2014
Changemaker School Hyde-Addison Elementary School United States At Hyde-Addison Elementary School, students feel that they have the freedom to try new things, and... 2014
Changemaker School Lighthouse Community Charter School United States Lighthouse Community Charter School’s mission is to prepare students for a college and career of... 2013
Changemaker School Kyrene de los Cerritos Leadership Academy United States Kyrene de los Cerritos Leadership Academy has a vision to prepare all students to meet educational... 2014
Changemaker School Malcolm X Elementary School United States Malcolm X. Elementary School is a diverse school that builds community among its students through... 2013
Changemaker School Khalsa Montessori School United States What if educators could raise children with a clearer vision about change from the start? This... 2014
Changemaker School Knowledge Academies United States Knowledge Academies is a network of public schools for families, committed to leading a robust... 2016
Changemaker School Making Community Connections United States Making Community Connections Charter School (MC2) aspires to provide the conditions that enable... 2016
Changemaker School Golestan Kids United States Golestan Kids is a private, Persian language immersion pre-k school with 80 students, class sizes... 2016
Fellow Imran Kahn United States Understanding that laws, policies and infrastructure have historically been designed to keep the... 2016
Fellow David Bornstein United States Building the credibility, legitimacy and capacity for all journalists to pursue “the whole story... 2016
Fellow Christina Fialho United States Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) is the only detention... 2016
Fellow Angelou Ezeilo United States Angelou is cultivating a generation of youth of color to be stewards of our land and natural... 2016
Fellow Paula Segal United States Paula Segal is reframing abandoned, neglected and un-programmed public land in cities as... 2016
Fellow Katie Orenstein United States Katie is changing the demographics of voice in America by increasing the number and diversity of... 2016
Fellow Mark Edwards United States The high rate of unplanned pregnancy presents enormous challenges for women, families and society.... 2015
Fellow Kohl Gill United States Labor Voices is facilitating more transparency in international labor markets by crowdsourcing... 2016
Fellow Tiffiniy Cheng United States Tiffiniy Cheng is expanding the internet's transformative potential for good by keeping this... 2016
Fellow Lennon Flowers United States Lennon Flowers is upsetting the current clinical approach that pathologizes grief with a universal... 2016
Fellow Casey Woods United States Through Arms with Ethics, Casey Woods is leveraging law enforcement’s unique ability to speak to... 2016
Fellow Jeff Dykstra United States Through Partners in Food Solutions, Jeff Dykstra is forging unlikely alliances between the world’s... 2016
Fellow Noran Sanford United States Noran believes that the major failing of our juvenile justice system is its inability to provide... 2016
Fellow Jennifer Bailey United States Jennifer Bailey is building more united, morally-rooted social movement infrastructure in the... 2016
Changemaker School Prospect Sierra United States Social and emotional learning, student leadership, and social change are at the heart of Prospect... 2011
Changemaker School Orchards Elementary School United States Orchards Elementary is a Leader in Me school, where each child discovers and develops his or her...
Changemaker School Oak View Elementary School United States Oak View Elementary is dedicated to students’ social and emotional development. Under the character...
Changemaker School New Vista High School United States New Vista High School is part of a national small high school movement, which emphasizes high...
Changemaker School Mundo Verde Public Charter School United States Mundo Verde is founded on the premise that education in the 21st century should prepare tomorrow’s...
Changemaker School Rainbow Community School United States Rainbow Community School believes that we are being invited to a higher consciousness as a human... 2014
Changemaker School North Glendale Elementary United States North Glendale’s approach to student leadership in service learning makes it an innovative school.... 2013
Changemaker School Namaste Public Charter School United States Namaste Charter School promotes lifelong student success and a love of learning by implementing and... 2014
Changemaker School Momentous Institute United States Momentous Institute is a private school, but 80% of its students are on free or reduced lunch and...
Changemaker School Mission Hill School United States At the heart of Mission Hill is a curriculum that integrates academic, intellectual, artistic,... 2010
Changemaker School Mission Grammar School United States Mission Grammar School believes that instilling love for others, empathy, and a deep understanding... 2014
Changemaker School Maury Elementary School United States Maury Elementary School is a traditional public school located in the transitioning neighborhood of... 2013
Changemaker School The Berkeley School United States The first six words of The Berkeley School's mission focus on what they do – ignite curious... 2016
Changemaker School Bridport Central School At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, Bridport Central School partnered with Middlebury...
Changemaker School Bricolage Academy United States Bricolage Academy opened its doors in fall 2013 to 75 kindergarten students. The school was...
Changemaker School John Stanford International School John Stanford International School develops global citizens that take action to change the world.... 2013
Changemaker School Anansi Charter School United States Anansi Charter School’s mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children...
Fellow Mohamad Ali Pakistan Mohamad Ali is changing the way Pakistan’s orphans are educated and raised through a system of... 2005
Fellow Samuel Grzybowski France Still healing from the 2015 terrorist attacks, France faces increasing tensions between people from... 2016
Fellow Hélène Viruega France To deeply change the way in which we design care processes for patients suffering from neurological... 2016
Fellow Matthieu Dardaillon France Launched in 2013, initially as a way of engaging millennials in changemaking as a career, Ticket... 2016
Fellow Karl-Henrik Robert Sweden In launching the Natural Step, former cancer researcher and clinician Karl-Henrik Robert has... 2009
Fellow Joachim Körkel Germany Joachim, a trained psychologist who has been working in the field of rehabilitation for 20 years,... 2009
Fellow Klaus Candussi Austria
Fellow Walburga Fröhlich Austria
Fellow Knut Ove Børseth Norway As a rally professional at an international level, Knut Ove Børseth had many fans. He early... 2016
Fellow Rustam Nabiev Rustam, a telecommunications engineer turned global health specialist, was raised in Tajikistan to...
Fellow Matrika Devkota Nepal
Fellow Emily Stone Belize Emily Stone is disrupting the cacao market dynamics in Central America by developing eye level...
Fellow Juan Pablo Larenas Chile Juan Pablo is changing the way in which Chilean society relates and solves problems. Through a...
Fellow Alejandro Marius Venezuela In Venezuela, 20% of youngsters between 15 and 19 years old do not study or work; this means that...
Fellow Sasha Kramer Sasha Kramer has developed a circular economy model for the delivery of affordable sanitation for...
Fellow Nicola Forster Switzerland The knowledge and innovative ideas of thousands of skilled young citizens find little access to... 2016
Fellow MARJAN GRYSON Belgium Using a method to re-channel aggression in inmates throughout the Belgium prison system, Marjan...
Fellow Bach Kim Nguyen Belgium Kim is changing the way we see bees by promoting them as a core and essential resource to the...
Fellow Albina Ruiz Peru Working in the poor and congested northern suburbs of Lima, Albina Ruiz is building a community-... 1996
Fellow Philippe de Roux France In growing slums around the world, access to clean water is a constant challenge. Through his... 2015
Fellow Marc Cheb Sun France As French society grows increasingly multicultural, the threat of community isolation is more and... 2007
Fellow Nicolas Metro France Nicolas Metro is redefining forest preservation as a human development issue, one that reaches far... 2012
Fellow Marie Trellu-Kane France Over the last 15 years, Marie has designed a model to make citizen engagement a normal step in... 2010
Fellow Fabrice Hégron France In response to the increasing industrialization of dairy farming in France, Fabrice is developing... 2015
Fellow André Dupon France For the past fifteen years, André Dupon has pioneered an alternative to the state-subsidized job...
Fellow Danielle Desguées France By introducing the profession of Entrepreneurship Advisor and mainstreaming it in France, Danielle... 2009
Fellow Frédéric Bardeau France Reconciling the sectors of technology and social economy in France, Frederic Bardeau is developing... 2015
Fellow Ashif Shaikh India Ashif is building a national movement to abolish the unconstitutional caste hierarchy in India,... 2016
Fellow Teresa Ogrodzińska Poland Teresa Ogrodzinska has brought the universal pre-school education to rural areas of Poland. Having...
Fellow Ana Lucia Villela Brazil Ana Lúcia Villela is promoting healthy childhood development in Brazil by implementing the first... 2010
Fellow François Taddéï France François Taddéi is breaking away from the elitist, top-down, and conservative model of the French... 2010
Fellow Kiran Bir Sethi India Through her education curriculum and initiatives to build a healthy relationship between students... 2008
Fellow Mwalimu Musheshe Uganda By creating an alternative training approach that casts grassroots innovators rather than... 2001
Fellow Lis Suarez Canada By strengthening women’s economic independence, Lis Suarez-Visbal is decreasing poverty rates among... 2011
Fellow Johann Olav Koss Canada Through "Right To Play," an athlete-driven international organization, Johann Olav Koss... 2009
Fellow Jessica Clogg Canada Jessica Clogg is introducing a new approach to land preservation that incorporates both the... 2007
Fellow Jean-François Archambault Canada Jean-François is combating hunger and introducing healthy eating by substantially modifying the... 2009
Fellow Gabriel Bran Lopez Canada Gaps in the education system, such as shortages of teachers and resources, exacerbate already high... 2011
Fellow Frank Escoubes Canada Frank Escoubès harnesses the power of civic creativity to create a new market for citizen experts...
Changemaker School Cypress Hills Community School United States Cypress Hills Community School is a small, community-based dual language school founded in 1997 by... 2013
Changemaker School Lusher Charter School United States Lusher Charter School is one of the most sought-after public schools in the city of New Orleans. In... 2013
Changemaker School Native American Community Academy United States NACA is a small innovative school that integrates culture, wellness, language, community... 2015
Changemaker School Park Forest Elementary School United States As a caring community of learners connecting learning to the world outside, Park Forest Elementary’... 2013
Changemaker School Blue School United States Blue School strives to be a launch pad for tomorrow’s thinkers, scientists, activists, writers,... 2014
Changemaker School The Brooklyn New School (BNS) United States At Brooklyn New School, social studies and science are the basis for an inquiry-based curriculum... 2013
Changemaker School Highlands Elementary School United States Highlands Elementary’s mission is to educate children in a safe, cooperative, and innovative... 2014
Changemaker School Ephesus Elementary School United States Ephesus Elementary School is committed to serving every child, every day, and in every way. In... 2014
Changemaker School Eastwood Elementary School United States Eastwood uses the Responsive Classroom approach to create a trusting school community in which... 2014
Changemaker School E. L. Haynes Public Charter School United States E.L. Haynes vision is to be a model of educational excellence where every student, regardless of... 2013
Changemaker School Cunningham Elementary School United States Cunningham Elementary School is built on three pillars: sustainability, social and emotional... 2013
Changemaker School Cottonwood Creek Elementary United States While we believe that nurturing a child’s academic needs is our prioritynurturing the passions,... 2014
Changemaker School Coral Canyon Elementary United States Coral Canyon Elementary understands the value in helping students develop leadership and... 2014
Changemaker School Belmont-Cragin Elementary School United States Belmont-Cragin has built a culture and climate where problems are brought forth to be solved and... 2014
Changemaker School Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) United States The Academy for Global Citizenship is a Chicago Public Charter School, located on the underserved... 2013
Changemaker School Voyager Academy Elementary Voyager Academy Elementary School’s curriculum envisions the creation of nurturing and respectful... 2014
Changemaker School Mount Vernon Presbyterian School United States At Mount Vernon Presbyterian (MVP), design thinking is infused across the curriculum and culture of... 2014
Changemaker School Two Rivers Public Charter School United States The Two Rivers Pubic Charter School mission is to nurture diverse groups of students to become... 2014
Changemaker School University of Wyoming Lab School United States Education students at the University of Wyoming get their hands-on training as future teachers at... 2014
Changemaker School The Project School United States The vision of The Project School is to eliminate the predictive value of race, class, special... 2014
Changemaker School The Star School United States This STAR (Service to All Relations) School serves students from preschool through grade 8 who live... 2014
Changemaker School Thomas Magnet School United States The vision at Thomas Magnet School is to develop citizens that create an enduring and positive... 2014
Changemaker School Sustainability Academy United States Sustainability Academy aims to educate and empower students to improve the quality of life for all—... 2014
Changemaker School Synapse School United States Synapse has a strong “Everyone a Changemaker” vision. The school’s tagline is “Educating... 2015
Changemaker School The IDEA School United States All children are intrinsically motivated learners and constructors of knowledge. All children can... 2015
Changemaker School Georgetown Day School United States The first racially integrated school in Washington, DC, Georgetown Day School (GDS) identifies... 2015
Changemaker School Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School United States The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School is based in the fundamental knowledge that children are... 2012
Changemaker School Lake Forest Park Elementary United States Lake Forest Park Elementary is a leader in social and emotional learning in the Shoreline School... 2012
Changemaker School Shady Hill School United States Shady Hill School wants children to be joyful, active learners who develop the intellectual... 2014
Changemaker School Spring Mill Elementary School United States Spring Mill’s mission is to create global learners, who are driven to action through inquiry and... 2014
Changemaker School St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic School United States Inclusion plays an important role in St. Madeleine Sophie’s identity as a Changemaker School. A... 2013
Fellow Paul Rieckhoff United States Building a new type of veterans organization to meet the needs of a new generation of veterans,... 2009
Fellow Vivek Maru United States Vivek Maru is taking localized justice efforts, documenting their impact, weaving them into a... 2014
Fellow Adriana M. Briozzo Colombo 2003
Fellow Claudia Colimoro Sarellano Mexico 1998
Fellow Earl Martini Phalen Using out-of-school-time (from birth through age 14) as an opportunity for rigorous educational... 2008
Fellow Karan Grover India 2003
Fellow Tunde Fabunmi Nigeria 2002
Fellow Tom Steinberg United Kingdom Tom Steinberg is creating websites that make democracy meaningful, accessible and effective in... 2008
Fellow Yani Sagoroa Indonesia 1998
Fellow Paris Sembiring Indonesia Paris Sembiring, a paddy cab driver turned nursery entrepreneur, has created a business model that... 2012
Fellow Reshma Valliappan India 2014
Fellow Mihir R. Bhatt 2004
Fellow Mohammad Abdul Bari 1992
Fellow Gabriela Ender Germany Gabriela Ender ermöglicht Organisationen weltweit durch ein transparentes Echtzeit-Online-Verfahren... 2008
Fellow Salah Arafa Egypt 2004
Fellow Ayyappa Mahadevappa Masagi 2004
Fellow Bouda Blandine Burkina Faso 2012
Fellow Shane Petzer South Africa 2003
Fellow Geeta Ramanujam India 2000
Fellow Duke Kaufman South Africa 2002
Fellow Lenin Raghuvanshi India 2001
Fellow Marco Lara Klahr Mexico 2014
Fellow Desiré Marie Yameogo Burkina Faso 2014
Fellow Felipe José Porciuncula Lins Brazil 1992
Fellow Emad Mubarak Abd El-Raheem Egypt Emad Mubarak Abd El-Raheem is introducing the concept of academic freedom as a right in Egypt.... 2007
Fellow Berna Yagci Turkey 2007
Fellow Lorena Cuerno Clavel El Salvador Lorena Cuerno has designed a model to engage youngsters in the fight against street crime and... 1998
Fellow Iliana Raquel Pereyra Sarti Uruguay 1995
Fellow Suresh Kushtagi India 2002
Fellow Anil Patil India 2015
Fellow Samanta Bhadra Barua 1993
Fellow Mauricio Canedo Bolivia 1996
Fellow Mohamed El Sawy Egypt 2009
Fellow Francisco Cervantes Islas Mexico 1998
Fellow Marcia Siguenza Crespo Ecuador 2000
Fellow Ursula Sladek Germany Ursula Sladek ermöglicht es Privathaushalten, kleinen Betrieben und Kommunen, durch spezielle... 2008
Fellow Kim Kieser South Africa 2003
Fellow Raúl Cabrera Ecuador 1997
Fellow Andrew John Ross South Africa 2014
Fellow Rikin Gandhi India Digital Green works to improve the efficiency of knowledge exchange among rural communities by... 2010
Fellow Dorothy Linda Stoneman Helping low-income youth transform their lives through service and leadership in their communities... 2008
Fellow Guillermo Worman Argentina 2003
Fellow Umar Husein Indonesia 1989
Fellow Volker Baisch Germany Volker Baisch ändert eine Berufskultur, in der Männer in Eltern- oder Teilzeit nicht ernst genommen... 2007
Fellow André Luiz da Silva Sobrinho 2007
Fellow Benon Sebina Uganda Benon Sebina is overturning the top-down approach to rural development by stimulating farmers to... 2003
Fellow Zaini Alif Indonesia 2014
Fellow Partap chauhan India Dr. Chauhan, an Ayurvedic physician by qualification, combines the ancient Indian traditional... 2012
Fellow Juan José Oña Uruguay 1994
Fellow Dilli Chaudhary Nepal 1992
Fellow Jeremy Druker Czech Republic Jeremy Druker is developing the foundations for professional journalism in two critical markets:... 2010
Fellow Tibério Alloggio Brazil 1998
Fellow Claudia Vidigal Brazil Claudia Vidigal is transforming the way childcare workers and the justice system interact with... 2010
Fellow Penchom Saetang Thailand By initiating citizen-led industrial pollution monitoring, Penchom Saetang is amplifying the Thai... 2010
Fellow Jaime Alberto Carril Rojas Chile 2002
Fellow Janaki Rajan India 1994
Fellow Shahidul Islam Chowdhury 2001
Fellow Gilda Maria Pompéia Brazil 1989
Fellow Salina Akhter Bangladesh Salina is achieving equity in access to elderly housing and care in Bangladesh, by tying the needs... 2015
Fellow Mandla Mentoor South Africa 2002
Fellow Agostinho Mamade Mozambique 2004
Fellow Shai Reshef Israel Shai Reshef is the founder and president of the University of the People, the world's first... 2009
Fellow Benjamín Berlanga Gallardo Mexico 1993
Fellow Tuenjai Deetes Thailand Tuenjai Deetes is working with tribal populations along the Thai/Burmese border in Northern... 1990
Fellow Salima Sarwar Bangladesh 1992
Fellow Enrique Lomnitz Mexico Through his organization, Urban Island, Enrique Lomnitz aims to solve the water shortage in Mexico... 2012
Fellow Gonzalo Osio Osio Ressini 1998
Fellow Javier Sánchez Díaz Mexico 1989
Fellow Stella Iwuagwu Nigeria 2002
Fellow Jeff Edmondson United States Jeff Edmondson is uniting local leaders within education, government, and the philanthropic... 2012
Fellow Itir Erhart Turkey By taking the familiar model of fundraising through endurance sports such as running, swimming and... 2014
Fellow Aromar Revi India 1990
Fellow Daniel Alberto Vartanián Alarcón Costa Rica 2000
Fellow Camilo Arjona Colombia 2014
Fellow Victoria Virginia Quevedo Méndez Victoria Quevedo Méndez is developing an independent radio sector in Chile to create a media... 2007
Fellow Gary Thomas Thomas Barker 2007
Fellow Anna Zucchetti Peru 2000
Fellow Vera Perino Brazil Although Brazil struggled with issues of severe malnutrition in the past, since the 1990s obesity... 2010
Fellow Shamsun Nahar Bangladesh 2001
Fellow Nóra L. Ritók 2014
Fellow Ramazan Salman Germany Ramazan Salman bildet erfolgreiche, gut integrierte Migranten zu Mediatoren aus und integriert mit... 2006
Fellow Rahul Banerjee India 2004
Fellow Cecilia Margarita Suárez Trueba Mexico 2000
Fellow Shadrack Tshivhase South Africa 2001
Fellow Oren Yakobovich United Kingdom 2014
Fellow Ana Criquillon Poulhazan 2003
Fellow Steve Bigari United States As of 2008, Steve has transitioned to being the CEO for Stellar Restaurant Solutions. 2004
Fellow Minal Doshi India 2003
Fellow Christa Gannon United States Reducing juvenile incarceration and recidivism rates and changing the culture of the juvenile... 2009
Fellow Catalina Cock Duque Colombia 2004
Fellow Jane Weru Kenya About 71 percent of Kenya’s urban population lives in overcrowded slums on the periphery of major... 2012
Fellow Rob Hopkins United Kingdom Rob Hopkins is roviding solutions to the twin challenges of climate change and Peak Oil, supporting... 2008
Fellow Indrani Chakravarty India 1991
Fellow Felicite Rwemarika Rwanda In a country where patriarchy and genocide have historically marginalized women, Felicite Rwemarika... 2012
Fellow Zoica Bakirtzief Brazil 1998
Fellow Esteban Torbar Venezuela 2014
Fellow Chantawipa Apisuk Thailand 2003
Fellow Mario Miguel Costa Grecco Uruguay 1996
Fellow Alejandro Calvillo Unna Mexico 2003
Fellow Hanne Finstad Norway Overhauling the teaching of science in Norway;building a culture of experiential learning and... 2010
Fellow In-soo Song South Korea In-soo restores the primacy of public education to ensure fairness in the education system. For the... 2015
Fellow Paul Cohen South Africa 1997
Fellow Jorge Marciano Marciano Chojolán Pacajoj 2000
Fellow Miguel Rosales Ruiz Venezuela 2000
Fellow Elva Alicia Gómez Mendoza Mexico 1993
Fellow Caroline Kant Switzerland Caroline has implemented an innovative model with new medical treatments for patients suffering... 2014
Fellow Bamrung Kayotha Thailand 1993
Fellow Hasina Khan India 2000
Fellow Judy Ann Frater 2003
Fellow Edison Durval Ramos Carvalho Brazil Edison Durval Ramon Carvalho, a geologist and educator, has developed a program that enables... 1992
Fellow Javier González Colombia 1997
Fellow Precious Emelue Nigeria 1996
Fellow Kiran Bhalchandra Kulkarni 1999
Fellow José Roberto da Fonseca e Silva 2007
Fellow Tomasz Sadowski Poland 1996
Fellow Zoe Finch Totten United States Zoe Finch Totten seeks to seize America’s health care crisis as an opportunity to realign major... 2012
Fellow Terrie Rose United States Enabling communities to create and sustain baby-centered childcare and education centers 2008
Fellow Harry Suliztiarto Indonesia With the absence of a work-at-height safety system, Indonesia is second in the world for number of... 2012
Fellow Humaira Islam Bangladesh 1990
Fellow Omar Rodríguez Solano Costa Rica 2007
Fellow Avinash Shirke India 1998
Fellow Beatriz Cardoso Brazil 2014
Fellow Michael Gleich Germany Michael Gleich setzt sich ein für einen konstruktiven Journalismus, der Lösungen gesellschaftlicher... 2008
Fellow Egídio Guerra De Freitas Brazil 2001
Fellow Beatriz Pellizzari Argentina 1999
Fellow Marcelina Bautista Mexico 2002
Fellow Vineet Khanna India 2005
Fellow Nidhi Prahba Tewari India 2008
Fellow Gregory Van Kirk Guatemala Greg is delivering health-related goods and services to remote villages using his micro-consignment... 2008
Fellow Kavitha Krishnamoorthy India 2014
Fellow Carlos Atencio Venezuela Carlos Atencio is responding to the failing healthcare system in Venezuela by introducing a new... 2014
Fellow Brent Kopperson Canada Brent Kopperson is transforming Canada’s electricity generation and distribution systems from... 2010
Fellow Dante Pesce Chile 1995
Fellow Jonny Gevisser South Africa Jonny Gevisser (South Africa 1996) sociologist and educator, is pioneering the creation of... 1993
Fellow Helene Smuts South Africa The Bantu education system, imposed by the apartheid government, had disastrous consequences for... 2012
Fellow Siti Aminah Indonesia 1998
Fellow Bernardo Rojas Montoya Costa Rica 2002
Fellow Azza Kamel Egypt 2009
Fellow Chitral Perera Sri Lanka 2006
Fellow Arturo García Mexico 1988
Fellow Flavia Agnes India 1986
Fellow Junto Ohki Japan Junto Ohki uses information technology to promote full citizenship of the deaf community in Japan... 2012
Fellow Mark Swilling South Africa 1992
Fellow José Luis Pérez Canchola Mexico 1988
Fellow Hossain Shahriar Bangladesh 1994
Fellow Charles-Edouard Vincent France Charles-Edouard Vincent promotes economic citizenship and new alliances to transform the way France... 2012
Fellow Isabel Cruz Hernández Mexico Isabel is bringing together savings cooperatives in rural communities to provide savings, credit,... 1994
Fellow Sena Alouka Togo 2014
Fellow Lola Samaniego Samaniego Idrovo 1999
Fellow Merry Barua India 1998
Fellow Dynand A. Fariz 2006
Fellow Bohdan Skrzypczak Poland 1995
Fellow André-Eugène Ilboudo Burkina Faso André-Eugène Ilboudo is building a nonpartisan citizen movement that is opening up a new political... 1994
Fellow Augustin T. Woelz 2005
Fellow Ghulam Sughra Solangi Pakistan 1998
Fellow Nobs Mwanda South Africa 2014
Fellow Jean Elaine Burns Stuck Mexico Elaine Burns is working with communities in the Sierra Nevada region outside Mexico City to create... 2000
Fellow Arnaud Castagnède France Arnaud Castagnède is opening up a new track to efficiently rehabilitate disqualified and long-term... 2010
Fellow José Reyes Chile 1995
Fellow Rupert Voss Germany Rupert Voss nutzt den Boxsport, um gewalttätigen jugendlichen Wiederholungstätern dabei zu helfen,... 2006
Fellow Craig Esbeck Uganda Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers... 2002
Fellow Manuel Fernando Ngury Brazil Manuel Fernando Ngury, an Angolan refugee, is bringing visibility and rights to thousands of... 2007
Fellow Wallop Tangkanurak Thailand 1991
Fellow Gita Ramaswamy India 1992
Fellow François Goudenove France Contrary to many other parts of the world, such as the U.S., deaf people are highly excluded from... 2010
Fellow Rob Small South Africa 2002
Fellow Sameer Subhash Sawarkar While other players in the healthcare field in India have been focused on developing telemedicine... 2012
Fellow Peter Abiodun Tiamiyu 1994
Fellow Madhav Chavan India 2002
Fellow Samuel Warrack Goldman India Samuel Goldman has invented an inexpensive, universal solar-powered lighting solution which will... 2010
Fellow Tetê (Maria Teresa) Leal Brazil 1999
Fellow Pranil Naik India 2014
Fellow Abhisree Jaranchawanapate Thailand 1995
Fellow Guadalupe Alejandre Mexico 1992
Fellow José Ancán Chile 1996
Fellow Christie Young Canada Christie Young is introducing an alternative family farming movement which counters the prevailing... 2014
Fellow Simon Kabore Burkina Faso Simon Kabore empowers society to promote patients’ rights and dignified healthcare. To accomplish... 2012
Fellow Mario Tapia Peru 1996
Fellow Stacey Epperson United States Stacey Epperson is increasing access to affordable housing by creating a value chain that connects... 2012
Fellow Agata Stafiej-Bartosik Poland
Fellow Pregaluxmi Govender South Africa 1993
Fellow Rafael Alvarez United States Transforming schools and changing the trajectory of life for inner-city youth by training and... 2006
Fellow Liisa Petrykowska Nigeria Liisa Petrykowska has developed an accurate and reliable weather forecast system for the tropics... 2014
Fellow Darío Witt Argentina 2007
Fellow Timothy Peter Jenkin Tim is building a web-based alternative currency system. CES has 293 exchange communities in 34... 2007
Fellow Olatokunbo Ige Nigeria 1991
Fellow Miguel Angel Sanchez de Armas Mexico 1996
Fellow Carla Mauch Brazil 2007
Fellow Barbara Baran Poland 1996
Fellow Kelly Davies United Kingdom 2015
Fellow Juan Reátegui Silva Peru 2001
Fellow Falgun PRAMODRAY Sheth 2002
Fellow Rajiv Vinnakota United States Challenging traditional methods of public education by establishing boarding schools, funded by... 2001
Fellow María Cristina Zepeda Porras Mexico 2000
Fellow Debashish Nayak India 1990
Fellow Adam Molyneux-Berry Egypt Adam is shifting the focus of Egyptian business culture to the green economy. He is creating a new... 2014
Fellow Andreas Heinecke Germany Andreas Heinecke stellt unter anderem mit seiner Ausstellung „Dialog im Dunkeln“ Blinde mit ihren... 2005
Fellow Steve R. Binder Converting the court from adversary to advocate for people experiencing homelessness through a new... 2005
Fellow Jacek Strzemieczny Poland 1998
Fellow James Bevan United Kingdom James Bevan has developed a global methodology to identify and map flows of illegal weapons into... 2014
Fellow Cadudzzi Salas Chile 1999
Fellow Harry Wiland United States Transforming public television into an interactive forum which encourages discourse and social... 2006
Fellow John D. Danner Addressing the achievement gap through an elementary school model that re-imagines the school day,... 2009
Fellow Malgorzata Chmielewska Poland 1995
Fellow Leena Joshi India 1999
Fellow Sasa D. Vucinic Sasa Vucinic and the organization he co-founded are creating a new class of media entrepreneurs by... 2008
Fellow Sharath Jeevan India 2014
Fellow Nimisha Desai India 1993
Fellow Nicholas Hitimana Rwanda 2012
Fellow Zadrak Wamebu Indonesia 1992
Fellow Silke Mader Germany Silke Mader works to lower the negative effects of preterm birth on children, parents, and... 2014
Fellow Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat 2005
Fellow Alicja Derkowska Poland 2000
Fellow Magda Iskander Egypt 2003
Fellow Mike Feerick Mike Feerick is improving access to opportunity through ALISON, a new approach to skills training... 2010
Fellow Ellen Goodman United States Ellen is working to establish a new cultural norm when it comes to end-of-life care: One in which... 2015
Fellow Paul Pretorius South Africa 1992
Fellow Wole Daini Nigeria 2003
Fellow Beatriz Rojas Peru 2001
Fellow Alberto Ruz Mexico 2002
Fellow Mara Ferreira Brazil 1990
Fellow Abhijit Bardhan India Abhijit Bardhan is using his established networks to launch a grassroots movement to train... 2003
Fellow Ogo Maduewesi Nigeria Afflicted with a disease that has been neglected throughout much of Africa, Ogo Maduewesi is... 2012
Fellow Dora Isabel do Araújo Andrade Brazil 1995
Fellow Adrian Kowalski Poland 2004
Fellow George Obiora Obichukwu 2002
Fellow Claudionor Da Silva Brazil 2003
Fellow César Meyer Musso Brazil 1994
Fellow Supatra Nacapew Thailand 2004
Fellow Lidiethe Madden Arias Costa Rica 1999
Fellow Annette Habert Germany Annette Habert builds a society-supported network of hosts and a strong community of affected... 2014
Fellow Temp Keller United States Temp Keller recently founded and is now the CEO of WonderLab, a membership-based, supplemental... 2004
Fellow Stella Cárdenas Ovalle Colombia 2001
Fellow Mohammad Zakaria Bangladesh 1988
Fellow Ehaab Abdou Egypt 2004
Fellow Amol Chandrabhan Goje 2003
Fellow Nick Tilsen United States Nick has played a vital role in building a powerful youth movement on American Indian land that... 2014
Fellow Markus Gander Switzerland Markus is giving young people across Switzerland the chance to connect with each other through a... 2008
Fellow Estela Villareal Mexico 2004
Fellow Jackie Branfield South Africa 2004
Fellow Mathew M.V. 2002
Fellow Olga Silvia Teran Contreras Mexico 2000
Fellow Bart JC Weetjens Landmines continue to destroy millions of lives years after. Bart Weetjens has trained Giant... 2006
Fellow Mathew Jose India 2015
Fellow Cristina Liamzon Philippines Cristina Liamzon is building a global community of empowered Filipino migrant workers through a... 2014
Fellow Inderjeet Khurana India 2006
Fellow Sandrine Faust Canada Sandrine Faust, who comes from a family of educators, is democratizing education and changing power... 2010
Fellow Marcelo Viale Argentina 1995
Fellow Daniel Suárez Zúñiga Colombia 2001
Fellow Yongchai Jerdampai Thailand 1992
Fellow Iftekhar Enayetullah Bangladesh 2001
Fellow Francisco Chávez Guzmán Mexico 1989
Fellow Yusuf Kulca Turkey 2001
Fellow Ernesto Canales Mexico Ernesto Canales uses his many years of experience working in criminal law and fighting for the... 2012
Fellow Mira Sadgopal India 1992
Fellow David Liknaitzky South Africa 2000
Fellow Carmen Valadez Mexico 1995
Fellow Latif Mbengue Latif Mbengue is shifting education in Senegal from theoretical to practical, hands-on learning.... 2014
Fellow Meera Bhattarai Nepal 1989
Fellow João Paulo Nogueira Ribeiro 2014
Fellow Maher Bushra Egypt 2004
Fellow Feizi Milani Brazil 2000
Fellow Juan Carr Argentina 1997
Fellow Sherifat Omolola Quadri Nigeria 1996
Fellow Dener Giovanini Brazil 1999
Fellow Hokky Situngkir Indonesia Hokky Situngkir, an expressive, rising young scientist, is engaging the Indonesian populace in... 2012
Fellow América Joaquina Romualdo Carcamo El Salvador 1999
Fellow Herlambang Perdana Perdana Wiratraman 2001
Fellow Fachrurrazi Ch. Malley Indonesia 2002
Fellow Pearl Nwashili Nigeria 1991
Fellow Alexander Marshall Chisango 1996
Fellow Tania Vázquez Vargas Bolivia 2000
Fellow Sanku Molaoli South Africa 1993
Fellow Qurban Buriro Pakistan 2005
Fellow Chiranuch Premchaiporn Thailand Chiranuch Premchaiporn has introduced a news and knowledge strategy that, by combining new media... 2010
Fellow Macarena Currin Chile 2003
Fellow Ellena Khusnul Rachmawati 2014
Fellow Matin Ahmed Bangladesh 2003
Fellow Essam Hassan Ghoneim 2007
Fellow Weera Suwannachote Thailand 2003
Fellow Emmanuel Kasperski France Faced with increasingly complex social and environmental challenges and the insufficient number of... 2010
Fellow Kamel Al Asmar Jordan Kamel Al Asmar is promoting volunteerism in a structured and professional way in the Levant by... 2012
Fellow Mina Das India 1996
Fellow Cynthia Mpati South Africa 1992
Fellow Khan Shoaib Sultan 2009
Fellow Tobenna Nwagujiobi Nigeria Tobenna Nwagujiobi is restoring dignity to young people facing chronic unemployment and to farming... 2012
Fellow Germán Pollitzer Argentina 1996
Fellow Abbass Abbass Israel Abbass seeks to change the way Arab society in Israel, and further afield, views and integrates... 2010
Fellow Supinya Klangnarong Thailand Although Thailand’s new constitution overturned in principle the state monopoly on mass media... 2004
Fellow Gopi Gopalakrishnan India 2015
Fellow Benjamin Benjamin Chigozie Mbakwem Benjamin Mbakwem uses traditional Nigerian social institutions to address the AIDS epidemic in a... 2001
Fellow Beatriz Solis Leree Mexico 1988
Fellow Karen Tse Switzerland Karen Tse is building international coalitions to support public defenders in emerging democracies... 2004
Fellow Flaviano Bianchini Nicaragua Flaviano Bianchini equips communities and grassroots citizen organizations (COs) with the ability... 2012
Fellow Eduardo Alva Quintero Mexico 1993
Fellow Mauricio Ramos Mexico 1993
Fellow Enakshi Thukral Ganguly 2003
Fellow Ebrahim Rass South Africa 2000
Fellow Carol Shapiro United States Building the capacity of government to leverage family and community assets to reduce crime. 2001
Fellow Sofyan Tan Indonesia 1992
Fellow Allan Savory Zimbabwe Allan Savory is demonstrating how to reverse desertification of the world’s savannas and grasslands... 2012
Fellow Aled Edwards Canada Aled Edwards is orchestrating a disruptive shift within the drug discovery process. Beginning with... 2014
Fellow Janelle Orsi United States The Sustainable Economies Law Center is developing the legal infrastructure necessary for a new,... 2014
Fellow Ashok Mahipat Kadam 1999
Fellow Barbara Sadowska Poland 2001
Fellow Lauren Diaz Arias Costa Rica 2014
Fellow Thaise Costa Guzzatti 2007
Fellow Carlos Antonio Chaves Simão 2007
Fellow Grégory Gendre France Grégory Gendre is building a new environmental paradigm by setting up a national network of... 2010
Fellow Sarah Toumi Tunisia 2014
Fellow Murat Vural Germany Murat Vural geht durch ein gezieltes Hilfsnetzwerk von Migranten für Migranten verschiedener... 2006
Fellow Subroto Das India 2004
Fellow Sahra Luyt South Africa 2003
Fellow Celal Karadogan Turkey Bringing a fresh new alternative to Turkey’s segregated approach to disability and youth, Celal... 2014
Fellow John Marks United States Peacebuilding through a full toolbox of methodologies for conflict prevention, including harnessing... 2008
Fellow Patricia Day Bidinger Patricia Day Bidinger is providing health care and medical testing to the villagers of rural India... 1991
Fellow Wilson Passeto Brazil 2007
Fellow Roshaneh Zafar Pakistan 1996
Fellow Conchy Bretos United States Creating a new norm and low-cost options for elderly people to stay in their homes and receive care... 2009
Fellow Anil Chitrakar Nepal 1990
Fellow Wellington Nogueira Santos Júnior Brazil 1998
Fellow Haron Wachira Kenya Through a model that relies jointly on aggregating production, co-ownership of agricultural... 2010
Fellow Jhono Bennett South Africa 2015
Fellow Jorge Lyra Brazil 2002
Fellow Thongbai Thongpao Thailand 1992
Fellow Isidore Phillips India 2003
Fellow Katherine Lucey Uganda While privatization of electricity generation and distribution has increased electricity supplies... 2012
Fellow Rodney Walker Chile 1997
Fellow Abdalaziz Moura Brazil 2006
Fellow Kevin Lee Philippines Kevin Lee is enabling vulnerable communities in the Philippines to demand, create and sustain water... 2014
Fellow Cindy Blackstock Canada Cindy Blackstock, a member of the Gitksan First Nation of British Columbia, is changing the... 2010
Fellow Josefina Condori Peru 2000
Fellow Michael Kelly Ireland Michael Kelly is catalyzing a nationwide movement to substantially increase the number of people... 2010
Fellow Andrés Wehrle Rivarola Paraguay 1996
Fellow Asok Prasanson Thailand 1989
Fellow Diva Moreira Brazil 1989
Fellow Andrzej Juros Poland 1999
Fellow Celerino Almeida Carriconde Brazil 1994
Fellow Shaun Loney Canada Shaun Loney is using economic solutions based in the creation of local environmentally-friendly... 2014
Fellow Jacob Radloff Germany Over the last three decades, Jacob Radloff has empowered consumers, investors and industry with the... 2014
Fellow Stepanus Djuweng Indonesia 1993
Fellow Rose Volz-Schmidt Germany Rose Volz-Schmidt koordiniert ein Netzwerk von Freiwilligen – meist erfahrene Mütter und Großmütter... 2008
Fellow Milind Ranade India 2000
Fellow Steve Leafloor Canada Steve Leafloor is creating young leaders among First Nations and Inuit communities where sexual... 2012
Fellow Catalina Ruiz Nicaragua 2002
Fellow Mora Ines Podestá Baratta Uruguay 1995
Fellow Elna Kotze South Africa 1997
Fellow Marieta Quesada Costa Rica 1998
Fellow Yusupha F. Kujabi 1998
Fellow Antonio Paz Paz Martinez 1999
Fellow Héctor López Chile 1997
Fellow Shamsul Momen Palash 2002
Fellow Norman Atkins United States Norman Atkins seeks to reinvent teacher education through a “nurse practitioner” model of teacher... 2012
Fellow Blanca Villaseñor Roca Mexico 1995
Fellow Pip Wheaton South Africa 2014
Fellow Nalini Nayak India 1990
Fellow Vandana Gopikumar India 2012
Fellow Nancy Kgengwenyane Botswana 1999
Fellow Hannes Siebert South Africa 1991
Fellow José Quiñonez United States José Quiñonez is leveraging existing cultural assets of immigrant and low-income communities to... 2012
Fellow Harini Kakkeri India 1998
Fellow Godfrey Mureriwa Zimbabwe 1993
Fellow Hasan Arif 2009
Fellow Michelle Hedlund Michelle “Mitch” Hedlund is aligning citizens and businesses around common environmental and... 2011
Fellow Madhavi Kuckreja India 2004
Fellow Roberto Epple France 2007
Fellow Gerrit Hendriks South Africa 2002
Fellow Azize Leygara Turkey Azize works with street children of Diyarbakır, whose families were displaced from their villages... 2014
Fellow Ana Maria Teles de Norões Brazil 1995
Fellow Mohammad Alhabsyi Indonesia Despite decades of malaria control efforts in Indonesia focused exclusively on curative treatment,... 2012
Fellow Yuyun Yunia Ismawati 2002
Fellow Fatima Khanam Bangladesh 1998
Fellow Rebeca Villalobos Vargas Costa Rica Rebeca Villalobos has developed a participatory system of eyecare that enables Costa Ricans of all... 2002
Fellow Omar Azad Chowdhury Bangladesh 2004
Fellow Hisashi Sonehara Japan Hisashi rejuvenates deserted agricultural communities and the rural economy by spurring urban... 2014
Fellow Chamnong Jitnirat Thailand 1999
Fellow Ingrid Munro Kenya Our experience is that any family, however poor, miserable, and hopeless, is capable of getting... 2009
Fellow Mara Bergmane Latvia 2003
Fellow Aditya Natraj India The 2009 Right to Education Act makes free elementary education the right of every child between... 2010
Fellow Samsuridjal Djauzi Indonesia Samsuridjal Djauzi is pioneering a comprehensive approach to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in... 2012
Fellow María Eugenia Aguilar Castro El Salvador María Eugenia Aguilar helps young Salvadoran people apply native knowledge and skills to modern... 2000
Fellow Pablo Santiago Capilé Mendes Brazil 2007
Fellow Timothy Conibear South Africa Tim is working with disadvantaged township communities in coastal areas to stabilize the emotional... 2015
Fellow Aman Singh India 2004
Fellow Heladio Reyes Cruz Mexico 2001
Fellow Vincent Legrand France Due to their poor thermic insulation, 10% of the total energy consumption in France is from... 2014
Fellow Luz Rello Spain Luz Rello is adapting the information environment that stymies effective learning for people with... 2014
Fellow Geraldo Santos Santos Marinho 1987
Fellow Jake Shapiro United States Jake Shapiro is democratizing public media by creating an open architecture and marketplace that... 2010
Fellow Anna Penido Brazil Anna Penido, an experienced journalist in Brazil, is using communications training both to... 2002
Fellow Ngozi Iwere Nigeria 1996
Fellow Jakkapong Mongkhonkeeree Thailand By creating a supply chain system for agroforestry products completely owned and operated by... 2012
Fellow Lydia Ngwenya South Africa 1992
Fellow Oscar Romo Mexico 2014
Fellow Babu Raja Shrestha Nepal 2001
Fellow Juan Carlos Octavio Pinto Quintanilla Bolivia 1998
Fellow Esther Lardent United States Expanding and deepening the civic engagement of law firms and corporate legal departments 2006
Fellow Indrani Malkani India 2014
Fellow Suraiya Haque Bangladesh 1999
Fellow Latha Anantha India Dr. Latha Anantha is drawing from her deep understanding of complex river basin systems to apply... 2012
Fellow Remigio Muñoz Chile 1999
Fellow Fatima Shoriwa Zimbabwe 1996
Fellow Walter Varanda Brazil 1997
Fellow Kailash Satyarthi India Ashoka Fellow Kailash Satyarthi, who was elected into the Ashoka Fellowship in 1993, was awarded... 1995
Fellow Vishal Talreja India Formerly an investment banker and venture capitalist, Vishal Talreja has built a network of... 2004
Fellow Jose Manuel Moller 2014
Fellow Raquel Robles Argentina 2007
Fellow Dale Bell United States Transforming public television into an interactive forum which encourages discourse and social... 2006
Fellow Carlos Vargas García Mexico 2000
Fellow Casey Fenton United States Casey Fenton is cultivating trust and appreciation of difference through a global travel community... 2010
Fellow Krishna Roy India 2002
Fellow Carmen Cisternas Chile 1999
Fellow Raj Jayadev United States Raj is growing a national movement to advance the concept of “participatory defense” whereby... 2014
Fellow Anuradha Kapoor 1996
Fellow Néstor Mendieta Colombia 1997
Fellow Arturo Caballero Barrón Mexico 1989
Fellow Anne Roos-Weil France Anne Roos-Weil has piloted a cost-effective medical system to drastically reduce the number of... 2012
Fellow Parul PRAMODRAY Sheth 2002
Fellow Mohamed Abou El Nagi 2003
Fellow Betty Chishava Zimbabwe 1999
Fellow Mike Marriner United States Mike Marriner and the team - Roadtrip Nation - are helping students to “define their own roads in... 2014
Fellow Andrew Mangino Andrew Mangino is introducing a new character into the American education system: full-time Dream... 2014
Fellow Nelsa Curbelo Ecuador 1999
Fellow Michel Nischan United States Michel Nischan is catalyzing demand among low-income urban consumers for locally grown, healthy... 2010
Fellow Jorge Antonio Razeto Migliaro Chile 2003
Fellow Narcís Vives Ylla Spain 2008
Fellow Gabriela Ejea Mendoza Mexico 1999
Fellow Muthu Peraman India 1990
Fellow Masue Katayama Japan Masue Katayama has developed a contextually sensitive approach to changing attitudes and values... 2012
Fellow Haushala Prasad Shriram Mishra 1994
Fellow Charlene Lea South Africa During a time of crude home repossessions after loan default and resulting widespread payment... 2012
Fellow Wannakanok Pohitaedaoh Thailand 2014
Fellow Christian Gruenberg Argentina 1999
Fellow Roman Rüdiger In order to break educational inequality, Roman Rüdiger has developed the first successful mass... 2014
Fellow Suwarni (Yayuk) Rahayu Indonesia 1998
Fellow Feliciano Reyna Venezuela 2002
Fellow Anita Ahuja India 2007
Fellow John Paul Maunes Philippines John Paul Maunes is bringing to light the issue of sexual abuse among the Deaf community in the... 2014
Fellow Abhay Shukla India 1996
Fellow André Viana Custódio Brazil 2002
Fellow Amlan Kusum Ganguly 2006
Fellow Douglas Racionzer South Africa 2004
Fellow Mohammadi Siddiqui Nepal 2006
Fellow Oona Chatterjee United States Empowering residents to advocate for their rights and improve conditions in their neighborhoods 2007
Fellow Jean-Loup Mouysset France Jean-Loup Mouysset, trained as an oncologist, is revolutionizing the handling of chronic diseases... 2010
Fellow Laila Arzumand Banu Bangladesh 2002
Fellow Vaidotas Ilgius Lithuania 2002
Fellow Jeroo Billimoria India Jeroo Billimoria launched Childline, the country's first attempt at making street children... 1998
Fellow Vinsensius Nurak Indonesia 2012
Fellow Rubens Harry Born 2004
Fellow Anna Johansson Mexico 1995
Fellow Weerapong Kangwarnnawakul Thailand 2000
Fellow Reza Deghati France Reza Deghati and his organization AINA are helping rebuild a strong and democratic civil society... 2008
Fellow Philipp Schmidt United States Philipp Schmidt is infusing participatory learning into the open education space and building the... 2012
Fellow Maria Eugenia Choque Bolivia 1996
Fellow George Askew United States Pursuing social justice in health and development for young children and changing the nature of... 2005
Fellow Damodar Acharya India 1998
Fellow Sung-Jin 명성진 Myoung 2014
Fellow Benno De Keijzer Mexico 1991
Fellow Sofia Appelgren Sweden Tackling the dual challenges of integration and joblessness among immigrant community in Sweden... 2010
Fellow Norbert Kunz Germany Norbert Kunz fördert Inclusive- und Social Entrepreneurship: durch individuelle Beratungs- und... 2007
Fellow Barry Barkan United States Transforming nursing homes from institutions to person-centered communities, thereby unleashing... 2004
Fellow Emilio González Mexico 1989
Fellow Emily May United States Emily May is making street harassment as culturally unacceptable as sexual harassment in the... 2014
Fellow Atala Ruíz Manzur Mexico 1993
Fellow Steve Clift United States Reviving local democracy and citizen participation by making local online engagement powerful,... 2006
Fellow Sharon Levy South Africa 1994
Fellow Célia Marina Destri Dos Santos Brazil 1993
Fellow Surang Janyam Thailand 2000
Fellow Javed Abidi India Javed Abidi is working to make legislative rights and economic opportunities a reality for the... 1998
Fellow Molly Barker United States Helps girls challenge the status quo and see themselves as part of a healthy, well-balanced society. 2008
Fellow Mandira Kumar India 2000
Fellow Dilma Felizardo Ferreira Brazil 1994
Fellow Ercan Tutal Turkey 2003
Fellow Admir Lukacevic Sweden Through creating and uplifting new role models from diverse backgrounds, Admir fosters a new kind... 2014
Fellow David Flink United States David is building a youth-powered movement designed to combat the prevailing stigmas attached to... 2014
Fellow Kalyan Paul India 1992
Fellow Edgar Ardila Colombia 1995
Fellow Fazlul Huq Bangladesh 1988
Fellow Nathanael Molle France 2014
Fellow William Solomon South Africa 1998
Fellow Anil K. Singh 1998
Fellow Jason Potts Canada Jason Potts is creating a global community of financial service providers, sustainable producers... 2012
Fellow Glen Steyn South Africa 1998
Fellow Paula Johns Paula Johns is systematically addressing the question of tobacco control in Brazil by framing it as... 2010
Fellow Sohini Chakraborty India 2003
Fellow Adrian Wekulo Mukhebi Adrian facilitates competitive and efficient trade in agricultural commodities, providing reliable... 2005
Fellow Francisco Javier Arroyo y Galván Duque Mexico 1996
Fellow Utis Buddhasud Somjai Thailand 1992
Fellow Haywood Hall Mexico 2003
Fellow Christophe Dunand Switzerland Christophe works to avoid long-term exclusion of long-term unemployed persons from the labor market... 2014
Fellow Parshu Ram Tamang Nepal 1992
Fellow Oluseun Onigbinde Nigeria Recognizing the increasing momentum in Nigeria toward institutionalizing transparency and... 2012
Fellow Regina Cabral Brazil Regina Cabral is tranforming the education system in the state of Maranhão and beyond to ensure... 2010
Fellow Lynne Brown South Africa 1992
Fellow Usha Tamba Dhar Canada Tamba is focusing on strengthening literacy and building self-esteem in marginalized communities in... 2010
Fellow Sara Diestro Peru 1996
Fellow Chaiyong Phumphabu Thailand 1994
Fellow Marcus Solomon South Africa 2001
Fellow Isabel Coral Peru 1995
Fellow Alphonse Jemonie India 1986
Fellow Ricardo Sagarminaga Spain 2014
Fellow Christiane Daepp Switzerland Christiane’s “Office of ideas” helps children use their creativity and idealism to become active... 2008
Fellow Leonardo Moretti Sakamoto Leonardo Sakamoto is combating slave labour through an innovative holistic approach which focuses... 2007
Fellow Pedro Serrano Chile 1995
Fellow Till Behnke Germany Till Behnke bringt mehr Transparenz in den Spendensektor: Er baut eine Spendenplattform auf, welche... 2008
Fellow Bastu Moti Rege Bastu Rege is working with the informal labor force in the stone quarries of Maharashtra, a... 2010
Fellow Ken Banks United Kingdom Ken Banks is making real the possibility of SMS-enabled communication for social change... 2010
Fellow George Abraham India 2001
Fellow Bernadett Eigner Hungary Bernadett integratív családi játéktárakat vezet be Magyarországon annak érdekében, hogy elősegítse... 1995
Fellow Matthew Spacie India 2002
Fellow Ashok Bharti India 2005
Fellow Sanvar Oberoi India 2014
Fellow Conor Bohan Haiti Conor Bohan is contributing to the emergence of a strong middle class in Haiti by creating a new... 2014
Fellow Dumisani Nyoni Zimbabwe Dumisani Nyoni empowers school teachers and children, renewing their enthusiasm and capacity for... 2007
Fellow Valdecir Pedreira do Nascimento 2003
Fellow Margrethe Junker Uganda 2004
Fellow Saifuddin Ahmed Bangladesh Saifuddin’s vision of a liveable city is one that prioritises the environment, public and road... 2015
Fellow John Rahail Indonesia Average school enrollment has increased across Indonesia’s diverse archipelago, yet two million... 2012
Fellow Erzsébet Szekeres Szekeres Erzsébet egy nemzeti programot dolgozott ki a fogyatékkal élő felnőttek képzésére,... 1998
Fellow Ruben Ernesto Alfonso Rosas Uruguay 1995
Fellow Abdul Hakim Khoso Pakistan 1998
Fellow Romulus Earl Whitaker 1991
Fellow Suresh Kumar India In response to a growing demand for palliative care, Dr. Suresh Kumar sees the need for healthcare... 2012
Fellow Raghda El Ebrashi Egypt Raghda El Ebrashi is creating employment for marginalized youth through a market-based sustainable... 2010
Fellow Nirupama Sekhri India 2003
Fellow Jasmine Guadalupe Aguilar 1993
Fellow Beatriz Diuk Argentina Through short sessions of playful reading and writing practice, Beatriz Diuk is catching up... 2014
Fellow Amalia Fischer Brazil 2003
Fellow Sylwia Chutnik Poland Sylwia Chutnik has created a number of initiatives to prevent the social, economic, and cultural... 2009
Fellow Francisco Chávez Delgado Mexico 1998
Fellow Sasin Chalermlarp Thailand Sasin Chalermlarp is developing a conflict management mechanism to protect the largest remaining... 2010
Fellow Winnie María María Lira Letelier 2002
Fellow Mahmood Fadal South Africa 1995
Fellow Anil Patel Canada Anil Patel is shifting citizens’ approaches to volunteerism from a traditionally periodic... 2010
Fellow Amelia Franck Meyer By developing a more successful and cost-effective model for finding permanent homes for the most-... 2014
Fellow Neusa Das Dores Pereira Brazil 2003
Fellow Dinesh Kumar Mishra India 1999
Fellow Beatriz Fadón Junyent Spain 2008
Fellow Léon BADIARA Burkina Faso Leon is combatting extreme poverty and improving health levels by modernizing milk production by... 2013
Fellow Sonia Patricia Cabrera Petricioli Mexico 1989
Fellow Majid El Jarroudi France Every year, big companies spend billions of euros in procurement, but discriminate against local... 2010
Fellow Gustavo Gabriel Farruggia Argentina Gustavo Farruggia provides remote communities in Argentina with high-quality medical care through a... 2012
Fellow Dorelle Sapere South Africa 1993
Fellow Devi Prasad Shetty 2009
Fellow Amitav Virmani India 2015
Fellow Suzana Murni Indonesia 2000
Fellow Emeka Nsofor Nigeria 2006
Fellow Rosalie Ouoba Burkina Faso 2007
Fellow Juan Diego Calisto Aguirre Peru 2014
Fellow Jason F. McLennan Jason McLennan is creating incentives and new practices so that the built environment improves... 2012
Fellow David Anderson United States Reducing child abuse and neglect by providing families in crisis with a temporary alternative to... 2008
Fellow Suwannee Juboonsong Thailand 2000
Fellow Egemen Yilgur Turkey 2008
Fellow Laxman Singh India 1998
Fellow Christina L. Jordan 2001
Fellow Mike Sani 2014
Fellow Cecilia Junqueira Sallowicz Zanotti 2007
Fellow Zoltán Nagy Nagy Zoltán az orvoslás Keleten elterjedt alternatíváit vezeti be a magyar orvosi szakmába, ami... 1997
Fellow Issoufou Tiendrebeogo Burkina Faso 2000
Fellow Marcelo Mario Caldano Argentina 2003
Fellow Cleodon Silva Brazil With respect and admiration, we honor the work of Ashoka Fellow Cleodon Silva. He made the world a... 2010
Fellow Neichute Doulo India 2000
Fellow David Gabriel Lubell David Lubell is unlocking the full potential of communities by addressing the fears of U.S. born... 2012
Fellow Peter Volmink South Africa 1996
Fellow Shahidul Haque Bangladesh 1992
Fellow José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal Costa Rica 2008
Fellow Hye-shin 정혜신 Chung 2014
Fellow Wichoksak Ronnarongpairee Thailand 2014
Fellow Renay Onur Turkey Turkey’s burgeoning civil society remains largely detached from the public, characterized by low... 2014
Fellow Kwesi Prah South Africa 2001
Fellow Mercedes De Freitas Venezuela 2000
Fellow Barry Zuckerman United States Barry Zuckerman is broadening the notion of health delivery to low-income families to address... 2010
Fellow Natacha Reyes Ecuador 1996
Fellow Abhay Bang India 1985
Fellow Dagmar Schreiber Germany With respect and admiration, we are grateful for the life and work of Dagmar Schreiber. She made it... 2006
Fellow Mohamed Abou EL Naga Egypt 2007
Fellow Adam Paul (Taddy) Blecher A pioneer of the free higher education movement in South Africa, Taddy Blecher created a university... 2012
Fellow Guillermo Alonso Mexico 1996
Fellow Fermin Reygadas Mexico Fermín is democratizing access to potable water in rural Mexican communities using technologies and... 2014
Fellow Andrew Slack United States Andrew is unleashing the voice of today’s fan communities and using the power of popular culture to... 2014
Fellow Sandra Aguebor Nigeria 2004
Fellow Epifanio Pacheco Calvimontes Bolivia 1998
Fellow Witoon Permpongsacharoen Thailand 1990
Fellow Shudarson Subedi Nepal 2005
Fellow Sylvia Banda Zambia Sylvia Banda is working to combat the low demand for locally-produced, traditional food in Zambia... 2012
Fellow Sirikit Syah Indonesia 2001
Fellow Ami Dar United States Creating a web-accessible supermarket for social action that makes it possible for virtually anyone... 2004
Fellow Andras Vamos-Goldman Switzerland Andras is strengthening the capacity of the international community to investigate the world's... 2015
Fellow Denise Dourado Dora Brazil 1998
Fellow Atsumasa Tochisako United States Atsumasa now devotes his full time efforts as CEO of Micromanos, which accelerates economic growth... 2007
Fellow Octavio Duque López Colombia 1999
Fellow Prayong Doklamyai Thailand Prayong Doklamyai has assembled the first nationwide coalition of farmers with land tenure... 2010
Fellow Zdzislaw Stan Nitak 2001
Fellow Witold Klaus Poland 2008
Fellow Julia Harrington The Gambia 2000
Fellow Glory Alexander India 2004
Fellow Tandiar Mossaad Egypt 2003
Fellow Bhadra Man Tuladhar Nepal 1992
Fellow Verengai Mabika Zimbabwe 2012
Fellow Héctor Marcelli Esquivel Mexico 1999
Fellow Harry Andrews India 1998
Fellow Jyoti Subhash Mhapsekar 2001
Fellow Fernando Andrade Bolivia 2003
Fellow Aditya Patnaik India 1982
Fellow Comfort Maduakoh Nigeria 2001
Fellow Montserrat Del Pozo Spain Responding to the Spanish educational system that is rooted in standardized curricula and outdated... 2014
Fellow Maharukh Adenwalla India 2002
Fellow Emrah Kirimsoy Turkey 2014
Fellow Mike Morrice Canada Mike Morrice is creating local networks of companies, citizen organizations, and governments to... 2012
Fellow Rolando Encinas Bolivia 1996
Fellow Alberto Cesar Croce 1999
Fellow Madeleine Clarke Ireland Using grassroots best practices to redefine the field of disability through a cohesive strategy... 2010
Fellow Rita Sembuya Uganda Focusing first on infertility, an unaddressed and complex problem in much of Africa, Rita Sembuya... 2003
Fellow Gaele Regnault France 2014
Fellow Domingo Guzman Rolón Centurión Paraguay 1995
Fellow Meinrad Armbruster Germany Prof. Dr. Meinrad Armbruster schult Eltern aus bildungsfernen Schichten in ihrer... 2008
Fellow Marie-Noëlle Besançon France 2007
Fellow André Fernando Brazil 2001
Fellow Iván Nogales Bolivia Ivan Nogales (Bolivia 1998) has created a cultural-educational center that integrates theater... 1998
Fellow Claudine Labelle Canada Claudine Labelle is creating strong community networks to put sports back into the lives of teenage... 2010
Fellow Somboon Srikhamdokkae Thailand 1996
Fellow Kevin Ekwenwa Nigeria 2013
Fellow José Pereira De Oliveira Júnior Brazil 1994
Fellow Celso Athayde Brazil 2006
Fellow Martin Hollinetz Austria Martin Hollinetz founded OTELO to develop the creativity, responsiveness, and entrepreneurial... 2012
Fellow Jose-Pablo Fernandez United States Providing Hispanic parents with educational opportunities that will enable them to become active... 2004
Fellow David E. Green Enabling developing countries to produce, distribute, and service high-quality, affordable health... 2001
Fellow Monajat Uddin Bangladesh 1991
Fellow Anshul Tewari India 2015
Fellow Judy Korn Germany Judy Korn kombiniert Anti-Gewalt-Training mit interaktiver politischer Bildungsarbeit und zeigt den... 2007
Fellow Tobias Leenaert Belgium Tobias Leenaert has developed high-impact and socially acceptable solutions to the health and... 2010
Fellow Agustín Carrizosa Paraguay 2007
Fellow Prema Gopalan India 2003
Fellow Srisak Thaiarry Thailand Srisak Thaiarry has been the leading force behind the growth of child and youth development work in... 2009
Fellow Pando Zéphirin Dakuyo Burkina Faso 2013
Fellow Lalith Seneviratne Sri Lanka 2005
Fellow Maria José de Farias Brazil 1991
Fellow Heike Boomgaarden Germany With the expansion of urban spaces, Heike Boomgaarden saw a need to engage the public in greener... 2013
Fellow Victor Suárez Carrera Mexico 1996
Fellow Simón Parisca Venezuela 1996
Fellow Ladislav Briestenský 1998
Fellow Eugen Tóth Slovakia 2007
Fellow Jorge Hurtado Gumucio Bolivia 2000
Fellow Vibha Krishnamurthy India 2007
Fellow Flick Asvat South Africa 2001
Fellow Juan Basurto Romero Mexico 1998
Fellow Shanti Raghavan India 2005
Fellow Manop Pratoomthong Thailand 1993
Fellow Didier Ketels Belgium Didier Ketels founded Droits Quotidiens to train social workers as legal intermediaries who... 2008
Fellow Enny Soekoer Indonesia 1986
Fellow Julien Noé France By creating the first viable, sustainable and scalable alternative to the existing nuclear power... 2011
Fellow Ricardo Cobo Díaz Colombia 1997
Fellow Oumar Sarr 1996
Fellow Dean John Peacock 2013
Fellow Chaiwat Thirapantu Thailand 1994
Fellow William Muir India Will is changing the way a community raises a young man in relation to gender, by changing the... 2015
Fellow Dagmara Bienkowska Poland 1998
Fellow Ashok Khosla India 2009
Fellow Bibhab Talukdar 2007
Fellow Lucia Quachey Ghana 1993
Fellow Niranjan Meegammana Sri Lanka Niranjan Meegammana is educating underserved communities by closing the rural and urban education... 2011
Fellow Raziq Fahim Pakistan 2009
Fellow Edith Grynszpancholc Argentina 2006
Fellow Sachidulal Bandhopadhyay India 1989
Fellow Paulo Henrique Pinheiro Longo Brazil 1991
Fellow Kingsley Bangwell Nigeria 2008
Fellow Kendis Paris United States Beginning with the trucking industry, Kendis Paris is building an anti-human trafficking movement... 2013
Fellow Lassane Savadogo Burkina Faso In a context where farmers’ inability to store produce after harvest unnecessarily leads to a “... 2011
Fellow Raúl Contreras Spain Raúl has built the socially-driven holding company IUNA to train and hire disadvantaged populations... 2006
Fellow Adele Douglass United States Making systemic changes in the way food is produced by developing a market for products from... 2008
Fellow Klára Laurenčíková Czech Republic
Fellow Pradeep Ghosh India 2004
Fellow Eaklak Loomchomkhae Thailand Eaklak Loomchomkhae is developing Thailand’s first crowdsourcing approach to recover missing... 2013
Fellow Ján Vitko Slovakia 1998
Fellow Thomas Bayo Kumolu-Johnson 2002
Fellow Elisabeth Raith-Paula Germany Elisabeth Raith-Paula fördert durch Workshops die Körperkompetenz und Wertschätzung für den eigenen... 2012
Fellow Arnold Noyek Canada By creating collaborative exchange and continuing education programs for medical students, health... 2009
Fellow Mike Batley South Africa Through an approach called restorative justice, former probation officer Mike Batley is shifting... 2006
Fellow Sushobha Barve India 2004
Fellow Ramji Raghavan India Ramji Raghavan’s vision is to build an India of tinkerers, problem-solvers and creators who are... 2008
Fellow Ravichandra Raju India 2002
Fellow Megan Marcus United States Megan Marcus believes that any educator in the U.S. can and must become a consistent, caring and... 2015
Fellow Shivani Siroya United States 2013
Fellow Made Efo Suarmiartha Indonesia 1993
Fellow Michal Kravcík Slovakia 1995
Fellow Prosper Kompaoré Burkina Faso 1996
Fellow Luis Aguilar Guatemala Luis Aguilar is reviving rural Guatemalan villages socially, culturally, and economically by... 2009
Fellow Ramesh Kumar India
Fellow Agustín Sangines García Mexico 1989
Fellow James Nguo Kenya James Nguo is providing an integrated solution to improving the quality of life in rural East... 2011
Fellow Kovin Naidoo South Africa Kovin Naidoo is revolutionizing access to eye care and eyeglasses for South Africa’s rural poor... 2006
Fellow Kristin Hayden United States Helping disadvantaged, minority American youth become the next generation of global leaders through... 2005
Fellow Sueli Camargo De Mattos Brazil 1998
Fellow Prasanta Tripathy Prasanta Kishore Thripathy, a trained medical doctor, realized that matters of life and death are... 2011
Fellow Jerónimo Calderón Switzerland Jerónimo Calderon is creating a youth-led movement that transforms social change into a desired... 2012
Fellow Nandasiri Wanninayaka Sri Lanka 2007
Fellow Ruang Sooksawasdi Thailand 1989
Fellow Miguel Neiva Portugal Miguel Neiva is transforming visual communication through a simple, universal and inclusive code... 2012
Fellow Gustavo Gindre Monteiro Soares Brazil A leader in a growing community of communications specialists in Brazil, Gustavo Gindre Monteiro... 1995
Fellow Lulwa Al-Ayoub Kuwait 2009
Fellow Robert Master United States Bob Master is providing individualized and coordinated primary care for patients with complex... 2011
Fellow Yogendra Singh India 1998
Fellow Fredrick Ouko Kenya Disabled youth face significant barriers to formal employment; and in addition, lack... 2012
Fellow Maxwell Omayeli Marshall 2007
Fellow Asher Hasan United States Starting in Pakistan, Asher Hasan is providing quality, private health insurance to low-income... 2011
Fellow Suparna Gupta India Suparna Gupta is designing processes that make it possible to act on the provisions of the landmark... 2009
Fellow Lourdes Angulo Salazar Mexico 1990
Fellow Cynthia Duk homad Chile 2000
Fellow Khalid AlKhudair Saudi Arabia Khalid Alkhudair is strengthening the role of women in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf by carving out new... 2013
Fellow Eliana Sousa Silva Brazil 1999
Fellow Lely Zailani Indonesia 2000
Fellow Seth Flaxman United States Seth Flaxman is strengthening the fabric of American democracy by increasing electoral and citizen... 2013
Fellow Marc Kielburger Canada Marc Kielburger is helping to inspire Canadian youth in civic engagement. His organization,... 2005
Fellow Andrés Randazzo Mexico 2006
Fellow Jérémy Lachal France Isolation and inactivity among marginalized communities – from refugee camps to underprivileged... 2015
Fellow Daniel Marguari Indonesia 2005
Fellow Alzira dos Santos Rufino Brazil 1991
Fellow Sheilu Srinivasan India 2003
Fellow Joseph Marshall United States Ending violence throughout the United States by treating violence as a communicable disease. 2004
Fellow Khatau Jani Pakistan 2003
Fellow François Marty France 2008
Fellow Som Nath Aryal Nepal 2008
Fellow Hazer Gul Pakistan Hazer Gul is eliminating the system of bonded labor in the cottage industry sector of Pakistan.... 2010
Fellow Karen Spencer Nicaragua 2015
Fellow Claude Ariste Burkina Faso 1997
Fellow Sangkom Thongmee Thailand 1989
Fellow Camila Batmanghelidjh United Kingdom Camila Batmanghelidjh is taking a holistic, child centred approach to delivering care that empowers... 2007
Fellow Indira Ranamagar Nepal 2005
Fellow Ladislav Hegyi Slovakia Ladislav Hegyi is bringing environmentally friendly manufacturing and waste storage practices to... 2001
Fellow Krzysztof Konieczny Poland 2007
Fellow Sunita Bagal India 2003
Fellow Emmanuel Kallonga Tanzania Emmanuel Kallonga is educating Tanzanian citizens about laws and public policies that affect their... 2008
Fellow Amy Lemley United States Guiding former foster youth through the critical transition period from foster child to independent... 2002
Fellow Carsten Rübsaamen Switzerland Carsten is empowering people from the "global north" and "global south" to do... 2013
Fellow Badara Jobe The Gambia 2000
Fellow Christine Du Preeze South Africa Christine is providing migrant and residential farm workers in rural areas in South Africa with a... 2014
Fellow Jordan Kassalow United States Jordan Kassalow is addressing the market-failure for affordable eye care in the developing world,... 2010
Fellow Ronaldo Lemos Brazil
Fellow Martin Guzman With a dynamic, simple and effective program, Martín Guzmán is extending universal access to visual... 2012
Fellow Osmond Mugweni Zimbabwe 2002
Fellow Jarek Dominiak Poland 2001
Fellow Rajendra Dahal Nepal Rajendra Dahal is systematically exposing mismanagement and corruption in Nepal's hydropower... 1994
Fellow Philip Gain Bangladesh 1989
Fellow Patrick Gathitu Kenya Patrick is helping Kenyan consumers, many of them farmers, to connect with technologies that will... 2004
Fellow Akanksha Hazari India 2013
Fellow Alice Emasu Uganda Starting in the Teso sub-region of northern Uganda, Alice Emasu is transforming the social... 2011
Fellow Anjali Bharadwaj India 2009
Fellow Eldred Maurice Tellis 2008
Fellow Peter Hartmann Chile 1996
Fellow Ian Craig Kenya Community-based conservation is taking hold in East Africa. Groups of once-warring pastoralists... 2013
Fellow Mahabir Pun Nepal 2002
Fellow Claudia de Araujo Cabral 2007
Fellow Jennifer Dordor Ghana In order to access larger markets, Jennifer teaches rural women to think beyond subsistence farming... 2009
Fellow Kriangsak Klomsakul Thailand 1996
Fellow Den Upa Rombelayuk Indonesia 2004
Fellow Gerald Koller Based on the assumption that there is a human tendency toward seeking ecstatic feelings and risk,... 2011
Fellow Alejandro Camino Peru 1997
Fellow Dorota Komornicka Poland 2000
Fellow Jürgen Griesbeck Germany Jürgen Griesbeck verbindet die Akteure im Feld "Entwicklung durch Fußball", koppelt Sport... 2007
Fellow Timothy Carpenter United States Transforming aging and the way people think about aging by turning affordable senior apartment... 2008
Fellow Mashuda Khatun Shefali Bangladesh 1991
Fellow Sascha Haselmayer Denmark Sascha Haselmayer is creating mechanisms to spread innovation into cities, improve governance, and... 2011
Fellow Horst Krumbach Germany In Germany, which is experiencing an increasing disconnect between young people and the growing... 2013
Fellow Sunil Ayrookhuziel Abraham 1999
Fellow Luiz Geraldo de Oliveira Moura Brazil 2000
Fellow Adriana Lourdes Abraham Perez 1998
Fellow William R. Pace Democratizing global policy-making by broadening the scope of involvement of the citizen sector in... 2009
Fellow Jan Korytar Czech Republic 1999
Fellow András Szabó Szabó András megmutatja a veszélyeztetett helyzetben lévő fiataloknak, hogyan segítsenek magukon és... 2001
Fellow Kate Currawalla India 2004
Fellow Mike Feinberg Changing the way public schools educate disadvantaged children through securing contractual... 2004
Fellow Krishna Chandra Mishra Krishna Mishra is changing Indian farmer’s quality of life by turning farming into a modern... 2012
Fellow Kinari eve Webb Indonesia’s natural resources have been degrading at an alarming rate and this decline is hurting... 2013
Fellow Roma Malik India 2007
Fellow Veronica Khosa South Africa 2002
Fellow Lucy Auwalu Nigeria 2003
Fellow Htoo Chit Thailand 2008
Fellow Kapilananda Mondal India 2002
Fellow Mario Molteni 2015
Fellow Santiago Andrade Pinto Ecuador 1998
Fellow Erie Sudewo Indonesia Corruption and poor stewardship have severely limited what reaches the poor in Indonesia. Erie... 2011
Fellow Marc R. Freedman Leading the call to engage millions of baby boomers in encore careers by combining personal meaning... 2005
Fellow Carmenza Morales Colombia 1996
Fellow Michelle Lem Canada Leveraging the connections between people and their pets, Michelle is bridging the gap between... 2013
Fellow Sachidanand Bharati India 1998
Fellow Suthasinee Noi-in Thailand 1996
Fellow Nicholas Reville United States Building open-source, decentralizing tools for online media, putting people back at the center of... 2009
Fellow Rakhshinda Parveen Pakistan 2005
Fellow Michel Venne Canada Unlike traditional think tanks that employ only experts, Michel has created the first citizens’... 2007
Fellow Dorien Beurskens Mozambique Dorien Beurskens has developed an affordable way to provide vocational education and training to... 2012
Fellow Felipe Bannitz Brazil 2013
Fellow Meity Mongdong Indonesia 2005
Fellow Wynona Ward United States Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse in rural communities by bringing legal and social services to... 2000
Fellow Satyan Mishra India In rural India, villagers live without easy access to trade, government, business, and health... 2004
Fellow Mark Hanis United States Creating a permanent anti-genocide constituency in the United States, and empowering individuals to... 2008
Fellow Ciré Kane 2008
Fellow Saed Karzoun Palestine 2015
Fellow Gilles Reydellet France Gilles Reydellet is making public services accessible to all, especially those geographically and... 2009
Fellow Judi Aubel 2012
Fellow George Roter Canada George Roter has turned young engineers and the general public into the driving force behind a... 2011
Fellow Edson Hiroshi Séo Brazil 1988
Fellow Montri Sintawichai Thailand 1995
Fellow Ved Mitra Arya Ved Arya’s new model for rural development relies on collaboration between government, citizen... 2007
Fellow Victor Fodeke Nigeria 1996
Fellow Carolina Nieto Cater Mexico 2004
Fellow Carolyn Laub United States Creating a safer middle- and high-school environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and... 2000
Fellow Alejandra Sanchez Cabezas Argentina 2013
Fellow Basil Fernando Hong Kong For the past decade, Basil Fernando has brought new ideas and clarity to the field of human rights... 2005
Fellow Marcela Zubieta Chile 1999
Fellow Pandurang Ganapati Hegde 1991
Fellow Carlo Petrini Italy 2008
Fellow Carmen Magallón Mexico 2000
Fellow Carlos Guida Leskevicius Uruguay 2000
Fellow Asma Mansour Tunisia 2014
Fellow Zaher Redwan Lebanon 2012
Fellow Simon Berry United Kingdom
Fellow Ajantha Perera Sri Lanka 2005
Fellow Adarsh Kumar India Schooled in economics, Ardash is providing the first venture capital to small agricultural and... 2009
Fellow Payong Srithong Thailand 2000
Fellow Roland Martins India 2000
Fellow Nimit Tienudom Thailand Nimit Tienudom is enabling the Thai health system to provide affordable treatment for chronic... 2011
Fellow Zafer Kirac Turkey 2013
Fellow Tanjung Niasari Indonesia Average school enrollment has increased across Indonesia’s diverse archipelago, yet two million... 2013
Fellow Sriram V Ayer 2004
Fellow Bill Jackson United States Bill Jackson is building the nation’s leading online guide to information about schools and... 2013
Fellow Kitayun Aspi Rustom 2005
Fellow Senem Gul Turkey Senem Gul is enabling women who live in the economically disadvantaged and violence-ridden... 2006
Fellow Maged Awad Hosny 2008
Fellow Surya Kirang Gurung 1992
Fellow Christina Joseph Indonesia 2000
Fellow Klaas Glenewinkel Germany Klaas Glenewinkel ermöglicht Medien in Krisenregionen langfristige politische Unabhängigkeit, indem... 2011
Fellow Krzysztof Liszcz Poland 1996
Fellow Vandana Gupta India 1998
Fellow Orazio Jose Humberto Belletini Cedeño 2008
Fellow Joseph Williams United States Keeping ex-prisoners out of jail through the development of a cellular social structure which... 2006
Fellow Alou Keita Mali Through village banks, Alou is enabling migrant workers from Mali to send remittances in a safe and... 2006
Fellow Isabella Lenarduzzi Belgium Isabella Lenarduzzi is bringing women and men together to create a new economy, one that values... 2013
Fellow Erma Susanti Indonesia 2004
Fellow Kirsten Tobey United States Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey are transforming nutrition in low-income communities by... 2011
Fellow Vibha Gupta India 2002
Fellow Bupatip Chamnil Thailand 2003
Fellow Lais Fleury Cunha Brazil In 2015, Lais Fleury joined the Alana Institute to create and lead the Child and Nature Project (... 2003
Fellow Rodrigo Calcagni Chile 1995
Fellow Korhan Gumus Turkey 2004
Fellow Michael Turner United States Leading a national and global effort to dramatically increase financial inclusion by promoting the... 2009
Fellow Renata Arantes Vilella Brazil 1995
Fellow Ritu Vasu Primlani Bridging the gap between environmental practices and cultural/language barriers to insure that 60... 2004
Fellow Azza Soliman Egypt Azza Soliman is advocating for a new religious discourse with a special focus on issues pertaining... 2011
Fellow Kjartan Eide Norway Kjartan Eide is shifting the norms in classrooms across Scandinavia to unleash the active, playful... 2013
Fellow Sergio Haddad Brazil 2009
Fellow Innocent Paul Uworibhor 2001
Fellow Enrique Gustavo Gennuso Argentina 2003
Fellow Jimmy Wales United States Revolutionizing the field of information sharing and collecting through Wikipedia - a free, open... 2008
Fellow Gilda Elizabeth Henríquez Darlas Gilda Henríquez Darlas has developed a universal primary-school education program to equip... 2008
Fellow Daphne Nederhorst Canada Daphne is combating global poverty by identifying local changemakers called “Sawa Heroes” in the... 2009
Fellow Derek Ellerman United States Building a citizen movement to put an end to human trafficking by engaging community members, law... 2004
Fellow Antonio García Domínguez Spain 2007
Fellow David Auerbach Kenya 2013
Fellow Dianna Ortiz United States Creating International Communities of Healing to help torture survivors regain their sense of trust... 2001
Fellow Adalberto Verissimo Brazil Adalberto has been convinced, since the mid 1980s, that, in order to save the Amazon, there must be... 2009
Fellow Saru Jayaraman United States The second largest employer in the United States, the restaurant industry, is home to seven of the... 2013
Fellow Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru Nigeria Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru is creating a step by step process to incent young people to take up... 2011
Fellow M. Syafii Anwar M. Syafi’i Anwar is reforming pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) that have come under the control... 2009
Fellow Raúl Lucero Argentina 2006
Fellow Gregor Hackmack Germany Gregor Hackmack stärkt demokratisches Staatsbürgersein: Seine online Plattform 2008
Fellow Suwimon Piriyathanalai Thailand 2006
Fellow Shilpi Kapoor India Shilpi Kapoor is eliminating information discrimination by empowering differently-abled people to... 2011
Fellow Paul Scott Matthew 2013
Fellow Carmen Yolanda Llanquín Argentina 2003
Fellow Sandra Schürmann Germany Sandra Schürmann führt junge Arbeitslose mit Hilfe von Theaterpädagogik in ein selbstbestimmtes... 2009
Fellow Ali Raza Raza Khan 2005
Fellow Bright Simons Ghana Bright Simons is empowering consumers to protect their health using simple and user-friendly... 2008
Fellow Sumruay Phadpol Thailand 1995
Fellow Tantoh Nforba Cameroon Tantoh Nforba (Farmer Tantoh) is creating a new generation of citizen leaders with citizen-led... 2012
Fellow Marit Sanner Norway Despite the image of wealth and renowned social protections in Norway, the voices of young people... 2011
Fellow José Lumerman Argentina 1996
Fellow Karin Ressel Germany Karin Ressel vermittelt Jugendlichen durch eine praxisnahe Berufsorientierung neue und breitere... 2010
Fellow Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer Spain Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer has created a channel through which citizen organizations can monetize... 2010
Fellow Roberto Lamego Brazil 2000
Fellow Katrin Rohde Burkina Faso Katrin Rohde has created a farm school that offers uneducated rural boys more attractive options... 2011
Fellow Sandra Peniche Peniche Quintal 2004
Fellow Jason Aramburu Kenya Jason Aramburu enables thousands of smallholder farmers to significantly enrich their fields using... 2013
Fellow Shashank Kumar India 2013
Fellow Bohuslav Blazek Czech Republic 1995
Fellow Promchote Traiwate Thailand 1992
Fellow Heike Schettler Germany Dr. Heike Schettler hat ein naturwissenschaftliches Programm für 4- bis 10-Jährige entwickelt, das... 2006
Fellow Nora Tager South Africa A trained social worker, Nora is helping communities in "black labor pool" areas become... 2009
Fellow Rashneh Noshir Pardiwala 2005
Fellow Mireya Vargas Venezuela 1998
Fellow Sompong Srakaew Thailand Sompong Srakaew is integrating marginalized migrant children into the Thai education system and... 2013
Fellow Tanya Tull United States Making permanent and affordable housing a fundamental human right for homeless families across... 2009
Fellow Suchitra Sheth India 2000
Fellow Pradip Kumar Sarmah 2001
Fellow Wael Mohamad Hmaidan 2008
Fellow Marianne Knuth Zimbabwe 2004
Fellow Sharad Anil Parajuli 2001
Fellow Sebastián Salinas Chile Through his entrepreneurship project, Balloon, Sebastián Salinas is forming agents of change in... 2015
Fellow Rana Sengupta India 2009
Fellow Foluke Idowu Nigeria 1993
Fellow Stuart B. Cohen Stuart Cohen is creating new tools to reverse the paradigm of growth away from sprawling big box... 2010
Fellow Rudi Syaf Indonesia 2004
Fellow Mandira Sharma Nepal 2003
Fellow Aminata Dieye 2002
Fellow Victoria Hale United States While Victoria is still the Founder & Chair Emeritus of One World Health, she is... 2006
Fellow Silverius Oscar Unggul Indonesia 2006
Fellow Christian Vanizette France 2013
Fellow Gunesin Aydemir Turkey 2003
Fellow Jesús Michel Cuen Mexico 1991
Fellow Parwez Salman Chowdhury Bangladesh 1994
Fellow Tarek Ramadan Egypt 2008
Fellow Raul Belens Jungmann Pinto Brazil 1990
Fellow Mmatshilo Motsei South Africa 1994
Fellow Solomon King Uganda 2014
Fellow Bernard Amadei United States Redefining the role of the engineer in society by changing the training approach and standards to... 2009
Fellow Arturo Soto Chile 2015
Fellow Kathryn L. Hall-Trujillo Recreating pregnancy to improve birth outcomes for women of color in America by giving them the... 2007
Fellow Johannes Hengstenberg Germany Johannes Hengstenberg unterstützt Bürger mit kostenlosen, webbasierten Beratungsangeboten beim... 2007
Fellow Priti Patkar India 1989
Fellow Ishita Chaudhry India Ishita Chaudhry is ridding Indian society of the deeply held premise that youth should have little... 2011
Fellow Johannes Lindner Austria Johannes Linder is changing the way children are taught inside and out of the classroom in order to... 2011
Fellow Sascha Meinrath United States Sascha Meinrath is designing and deploying a disruptive communication architecture to ensure free... 2012
Fellow Manzoor Mirani Pakistan 2009
Fellow Igor Guayasamín Ecuador 1995
Fellow Madan Rai Nepal 2006
Fellow Kumrab Phanthong Thailand 1999
Fellow Dagmar Doubravová Czech Republic 2015
Fellow Teerawat Sripathomsawad Thailand 2007
Fellow Eko Teguh Paripurno Indonesia 2000
Fellow Nijole Arbaciauskiene Lithuania 2000
Fellow Socorro Guterres Brazil 2002
Fellow Barbara Czeizel Hungary 2014
Fellow Anisuzzaman Khan Bangladesh 1990
Fellow Christie Peacock Kenya With a three decade career in agriculture and livestock research and development, Christie Peacock... 2011
Fellow Heinz Frey Germany Heinz Frey gibt Dorfbewohnern und Bewohnern von Stadtquartieren durch den Aufbau von DORV-Zentren... 2012
Fellow Imre Furmann Hungary Furmann Imre az emberi jogokkal kapcsolatos törvénykezés kereteit alakította ki a posztkommunista... 1997
Fellow John Patrick Ngoyi Nigeria 2006
Fellow Bambang Ismawan Indonesia 2008
Fellow Belinda Wright India 2009
Fellow Haidar El ali 2002
Fellow Anders Wilhelmson Sweden Anders Wilhelmson, with his partner Camilla Wirseen, is changing the way in which people in poor... 2009
Fellow Shahid Zia Pakistan 2007
Fellow Jacob Moatshe South Africa 1998
Fellow Anna Stevanato France Anna Stevanato promotes bilingualism as a tool for children of immigrant descent to build their... 2011
Fellow Pisit Chansanoh Thailand 1992
Fellow Onimim Ernestina Briggs 2003
Fellow Fabrice Florin United States Providing reader-reviewed news on which citizens can rely by aggregating quality news stories that... 2008
Fellow Betty Hazviperi Harzviperi Makoni Betty Makoni is building a new generation of strong, active women citizens. In Zimbabwean society,... 2007
Fellow Manon Barbeau Canada Manon Barbeau teaches filmmaking skills to Aboriginal youth, in order to help them connect,... 2009
Fellow Rajendra Suwal Nepal 2002
Fellow Yongyut Treenutkorn Thailand 1999
Fellow Marcelline Ouédraogo Burkina Faso 1996
Fellow Nazir Ahmed Ujjan 1999
Fellow Waleed Shawky Egypt Waleed Shawky is altering the culture of medicine waste by creating the first system in Egypt for... 2013
Fellow Ileana La Rosa Venezuela 2013
Fellow Joachim Ezeji Nigeria 2009
Fellow Binalakshmi Nepram India Recognizing the positive role women can play in reducing gun violence, Binalakshmi “Bina” Nepram is... 2011
Fellow Jayne Stoyles Canada Jayne works with survivors of genocide, torture and other atrocities to seek redress and bring... 2007
Fellow Gary Cohen United States Gary Cohen has assembled an international coalition that is transforming the global health sector... 2011
Fellow Deep Savarni Purokayastha 2005
Fellow Sarah Otterstrom Nicaragua
Fellow Dulcinea de Oliveira Xavier Brazil 1994
Fellow Marlene Morgado Segundo Dos Santos Brazil 1987
Fellow Sunitha Krishnan India 2002
Fellow Murali Mohan India 2005
Fellow Madison Ayer Kenya Madison Ayer has launched Farm Shop, a non-profit Kenyan Trust, to transform the system for... 2011
Fellow Rosanne Haggerty United States Ending homelessness by strategically linking homeless individuals with stable housing and... 2007
Fellow Jean-Michel Ricard France As the elderly live longer lives and make up an increasing percentage of the population in Europe,... 2006
Fellow Ashwin Naik India While 70% of India is living in semi-urban and rural areas, 80% of India’s healthcare facilities... 2010
Fellow Catherine Rohr Hoke Catherine Hoke is breaking the cycle of incarceration in the US by empowering men and women with... 2013
Fellow Tosca Santoso Indonesia 2006
Fellow Abdul Baseer Baseer Naveed 2003
Fellow Lalitha Raghuram India Before 1997, there had been only one documented case of successful organ donation in India. Lalitha... 2014
Fellow Fairouz Omar Egypt 2009
Fellow Roberto Kikawa Brazil Dr. Roberto Kikawa has developed an affordable and sustainable system that is bringing teams of... 2011
Fellow Sabiha Ghani Pakistan 2004
Fellow Levente Viszló Viszló Levente a természet megőrzésére irányuló törekvéseket újjáélesztette a posztkommunista... 1996
Fellow Jasmeen Patheja India 2007
Fellow Aleta Margolis United States Investing in teachers to ensure schools make the most of children’s innate desire to learn; valuing... 2001
Fellow David Fortune South Africa 1997
Fellow Benjamin Powell Selecting and investing in “impact” entrepreneurs in Central America whose businesses create... 2009
Fellow Ilona Dougherty Canada My work is all about redefining intergenerational relationships, changing the way we think about... 2009
Fellow Krystian Fikert Ireland In Ireland, adequate mental health care is out of reach for many who need it because public... 2011
Fellow Sathorn Sompong Thailand 1998
Fellow Máximo Cuji Ecuador 1996
Fellow William Bird South Africa William Bird is transforming the way children and children’s issues are portrayed in the media... 2008
Fellow John Abraham India 2003
Fellow Randolph Wang India Urvashi Sahni and Randolph Wang are matching high-quality pedagogy with low-cost technology to link... 2009
Fellow Christine Theodoloz-Walker Switzerland Christine has been transforming the way the Swiss public and private systems support individuals... 2008
Fellow Abla Al Alfy Egypt 2013
Fellow Tonya Surman Canada Tonya is a co-founder and executive director of the Centre for Social Innovation, whose mission is... 2009
Fellow Kavita Anand India 2015
Fellow Vera Bechynova Czech Republic Vera Bechynova helps children face difficult domestic situations by empowering families to address... 2001
Fellow William Fulbright Foote Pioneering finance for grassroots businesses in rural Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa by... 2007
Fellow Volkert Ruhe Germany Volkert Ruhe befähigt (ehemalige) Gefangene, gefährdete Jugendliche im Dialog von einer kriminellen... 2013
Fellow Pavel Krizek Czech Republic 2000
Fellow Brenda K. Eheart Developing purposeful, multigenerational neighborhoods where the entire community organizes around... 2008
Fellow Silvia Diez Urdanivia Mexico 2001
Fellow Daniel Ben-Horin United States Facilitating the movement of technology to the citizen sector through an online architecture and... 2009
Fellow Pralhad Malvadkar India 2001
Fellow Shona McDonald South Africa Shona McDonald is addressing the challenges of children with mobile disabilities who live in peri-... 2012
Fellow Flor Cassassuce Mexico 2013
Fellow Ella Peinovich Kenya 2013
Fellow Onécimo Hidalgo Domínguez Mexico 1998
Fellow Rodrigo Baggio Barreto Brazil Rodrigo Baggio spearheads a rapidly growing movement to equip young people in low-income... 1996
Fellow Jeruse Maria Romão Brazil 1998
Fellow Alvaro Francisco Ugalde Víquez Costa Rica 2008
Fellow Raja Menon India 1995
Fellow Maurice Lim Miller In a novel approach to addressing poverty, Maurice Lim Miller shifts ownership and priority-setting... 2011
Fellow Ali Hussein Egypt 2006
Fellow Abby Falik United States 2014
Fellow Chris Underhill United Kingdom Chris Underhill has created a movement in the field of mental health that expands existing talent... 2012
Fellow Tyrone Bledsoe United States Creating a nationwide brotherhood of African American students committed to lifelong leadership and... 2006
Fellow Rachel Lloyd United States Creating a survivor-led national reform movement to change policy and public attitudes around the... 2009
Fellow Shaheen Mistri India 2001
Fellow Maria Pakpahan Indonesia 1999
Fellow Omololu Falobi Nigeria 2001
Fellow Nancy Henkin United States Bringing different generations together to promote sustainable community change. 2006
Fellow Claudia Li Canada Engaging young Chinese-Canadians in environmental conservation habits congruent with traditional... 2013
Fellow Mathias Yashim Nigeria 2013
Fellow Hilmi Quraishi India Hilmi Quraishi is using mobile telephony to bring important public health messages to the masses. 2008
Fellow Eva Sopková Slovakia 1998
Fellow Clive Nicholson South Africa 1996
Fellow Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak Poland Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak improves the quality of the education system by engaging teachers and... 2011
Fellow Douglas McMeekin Ecuador 2008
Fellow Usama Ghazali Egypt 2015
Fellow Charlotte Frank United States Leading the way for women who reshaped the workforce to reshape retirement. 2006
Fellow Jack Sim Singapore Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, wants to restructure the field of sanitation... 2007
Fellow Sonali Ojha India 2000
Fellow Štefan Straka Slovakia 2015
Fellow Margaret Allison Owen-Smith 2007
Fellow Stephan Francois De Beer 2007
Fellow Rebecca D. Onie Expanding doctors’ “prescriptions” to include housing, food, child care, and other basic resources... 2008
Fellow Coco Bertin Mousa 1994
Fellow Liliana Raquel Miranda Sara Peru 2003
Fellow Ramzi Jaber Palestine By elevating the use of research and data and its communication in user-friendly ways, Razmi Jaber... 2013
Fellow Sam Agutu Kenya The majority of Kenyans do not have access to health insurance due to prohibitive pricing and an... 2012
Fellow Rick Aubry United States Changing the field of social enterprise by demonstrating the enormous potential of holistic models... 2008
Fellow Claus Gollmann Germany Claus Gollmann gibt gewaltgeschädigten Kindern neuen Halt durch einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz aus... 2011
Fellow Harley Henriques do Nascimento Brazil 1998
Fellow Preeyanan Lorsermvattana Thailand 2008
Fellow Rawan Barakat Jordan 2014
Fellow Dayse Maria Valença Ferreira Brazil 1997
Fellow Vijay Uttarwar India 1998
Fellow Elcylene de Araújo Leocádio Brazil 1988
Fellow Amory B. Lovins United States Living in applied hope; creating abundance by design, not scarcity by inattention; reinventing fire... 2009
Fellow Mike O'Brien United States Recognizing the inherent capacity constraints faced by teachers and guidance counselors, Mike O’... 2012
Fellow Gilberto De Palma Augusto Brazil 1999
Fellow Samart Sakawee Thailand 2001
Fellow Victoria Shocrón Argentina 1995
Fellow Andy Lipkis: Urban Forests for the Future United States Retrofitting cities for sustainability by inspiring and equipping citizens and governments to... 2008
Fellow Menaha Kandasamy Sri Lanka Menaha Kandasamy, the daughter of a plantation worker, has been changing the structure of... 2009
Fellow Tatiana Fraser Canada Girls face a complex array of issues growing up, including racism, poverty, violence and gender... 2011
Fellow Chatchawan Thongdeelert Thailand 2000
Fellow Javier A. Lozano Javier Lozano has created a low-cost, one-stop-shop clinic to treat diabetes and prevent the... 2012
Fellow Ronald Chisom Recognizing and undoing individual and institutional racism through a multi-tier strategy (both... 2006
Fellow Nebahat Akkoc Turkey 2000
Fellow Emmanuel Fernandes Falcão 2008
Fellow Safura Begum Bangladesh 2009
Fellow Masril Koto Indonesia Masril Koto is meeting the financing needs of Indonesia’s poor farmers through a hybrid cooperative... 2011
Fellow Mittal Patel India India’s large populations of former ‘criminal tribes’ continue to remain economically, socially,... 2013
Fellow Boonsong Panyawuttho Thailand 1990
Fellow Shubhendu Sharma India Shubhendu Sharma is changing the framework of urban landscaping and afforestation by influencing... 2013
Fellow Bharat Dutta Koirala Nepal Bharat Koirala is helping to introduce modern journalism to Nepal. A former reporter and editor of... 1987
Fellow Thierno Seydou Sall 1993
Fellow Maria Eugenia Linares Mexico 1996
Fellow Verónica Ohlsson Argentina 1996
Fellow Matthew Lee United States Holding financial institutions worldwide accountable to the principles of ethical and community... 2001
Fellow Don Shalvey United States Transforming the California public school system by building clusters of charter schools in... 2002
Fellow Scott Hartl United States Scott Hartl is changing both what teachers teach and how they teach it, through the creation of... 2012
Fellow Vladimiro Valdés Montoya Mexico 2008
Fellow Hamadou Tidiane Sy Hamadou Tidiane Sy is developing a Pan-African corps of independent, investigative journalists to... 2008
Fellow Christian Vieth Germany Christian Vieth ermöglicht durch außerfamiliäre Hofnachfolgen wirtschaftlich gesunden... 2012
Fellow Tiyeda Abalah Togo Tiyeda Abalah has laid the foundation for the revival of a creative and forward thinking agro-... 2011
Fellow Mira Maier Mira Maier is redefining Germany’s educational funding landscape by bringing transparency into the... 2014
Fellow Demóstenes Romano Filho Brazil 1997
Fellow Toto Sugito Indonesia 2009
Fellow Ratnaboli Ray India 1999
Fellow Ibrahim Betil Turkey 2004
Fellow Brendan Martin Argentina Concerned with the failures of many microcredit schemes, Brendan created ‘just-in-time credit’ – a... 2009
Fellow Ako Amadi Nigeria 2001
Fellow Wahyu Aditya Indonesia 2013
Fellow María Elena Foronda Farro Peru 2000
Fellow Ana Luisa Arocena Uruguay 2009
Fellow Marie Léa Zongo Burkina Faso 1995
Fellow Bezwada Wilson India Bezwada Wilson is leading a nationwide movement to abolish the dehumanizing practices of manual... 2009
Fellow Tomás Olivieri Acosta Argentina 2012
Fellow Kazimierz Jaworski Poland 1995
Fellow Chris Balme United States Sparking disengaged middle school students to articulate their dreams and try them out through... 2009
Fellow Maria José Jaime Brazil 1994
Fellow John Ndolu Indonesia In much of eastern Indonesia, customary practices associated with weddings and funerals entail... 2011
Fellow Abdullah OSKAY Turkey 2015
Fellow Kerstin Forsberg Peru Through Ocean Planet, Kirsten Forsberg is educating and empowering coastal communities to... 2011
Fellow Valdênia Aparecida Paulino 2006
Fellow Dan Satriana Indonesia 1998
Fellow Victoria Koomson Ghana 1993
Fellow Martin Prokop Czech Republic 2002
Fellow Gerald Gray United States Working against torture through agencies tracking and bringing torturers to justice in domestic and... 2005
Fellow Nandana Manatunga Sri Lanka 2007
Fellow Ganesh Pangare India 2002
Fellow Ashley Westaway South Africa Ashley revitalizes local farming industries ruined by forced evictions during Apartheid by... 2009
Fellow Piyush Tewari India Piyush Tewari is creating a volunteer-based citizen emergency response system to road accidents... 2013
Fellow Muhammad-Ayub Pathan Thailand In Thailand’s Deep South, Muhammad Ayub Pathan is empowering the silent majority to speak up for... 2013
Fellow Albert Jovell Spain Ashoka is saddened to report that Albert Jovell has passed away from cancer in November 2013. The... 2009
Fellow Rani Bang India 1985
Fellow Amitai Ziv Israel Professor Amitai Ziv, a pediatrician and an ex-Air Force pilot, is helping transform the way... 2010
Fellow Jane Chiang Sieh Brazil 1989
Fellow Arbind Singh India 2007
Fellow Diana Damian Mexico 2003
Fellow Junior Smart United Kingdom Junior Smart is transforming the way people leaving prison are supported, dramatically cutting... 2008
Fellow Bob Munro Kenya Bob Munro is one of the first people in the world to successfully unite sports and development.... 2008
Fellow Rodrigo Mendes Brazil 2004
Fellow Franz Dullinger Germany Franz Dullinger bringt Leben und Unternehmergeist in strukturschwache Regionen, indem er über... 2006
Fellow Silvia Maria Pereira de Maria Carvalho 1986
Fellow Thorsten Kiefer Germany Thorsten Kiefer verbessert Hygieneverhalten und Sanitärversorgung in Entwicklungsländern durch... 2012
Fellow Shemmy Samuel Rory 2003
Fellow Elliott Brown United States Inspiring permanent change in the lives of low-wage workers, creating measurable value for business... 2005
Fellow Mara Maudet France Since the early 1980s, Mara Maudet has been creating and mainstreaming a set of standards for the... 2013
Fellow Ouattara Souleymane 2008
Fellow James Whelton Ireland James Whelton, a natural builder, teacher, avid entrepreneur, and tenacious tech expert, is... 2012
Fellow Jordi Martí Jordi Martí is making early diagnosis of infectious and non-communicable diseases affordable for... 2011
Fellow Julio Vacaflor Argentina 2003
Fellow Simon Houriez France Simon Houriez is establishing a common ground for learning for both deaf and hearing members of... 2008
Fellow Moka Hoffman Lantum Kenya 2014
Fellow Selim Mawad Lebanon 2006
Fellow Punya Chaiyakum Thailand 1992
Fellow Kara Andrade Guatemala Built on mobile phone networks and Internet “hub” sites, Kara’s HablaCentro model has rapidly... 2010
Fellow Deka Kurniawan Indonesia Deka Kurniawan is creating local services that enable autistic children from poor families to... 2012
Fellow David Kuria Kenya David Kuria is creating high-quality sanitation facilities accessible to the urban poor. Because he... 2007
Fellow Marion Steffens Germany Marion Steffens sensibilisiert das Gesundheitswesen und baut Netzwerke zur frühzeitigen und... 2009
Fellow Tarak Kate India 1995
Fellow Sompop Jantraka Thailand Sompop Jantraka is providing hopeful alternatives to young girls who are on the verge of being sold... 1996
Fellow Nargis Latif Pakistan 1996
Fellow Slavomír Krupa Slovakia 1997
Fellow Merula Anargyrou Steagall 2008
Fellow Njideka U. Harry Nigeria Njideka Harry is expanding the horizons of rural youth and their mothers who are farmers. Njideka... 2011
Fellow Esther Cossie South Africa 2002
Fellow Natalia Espinoza Chile 2015
Fellow Florentino D. Sarmento East Timor Florentino Sarmento, by building a large number of self-managing economic development groups in... 1991
Fellow Shanta Thapalia Nepal Dr. Thapalia passed away in 2011. 1991
Fellow Abdul Majeed Mangrio