Toto Sugito

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2009


This profile was prepared when Toto Sugito was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
The New Idea
Toto and his organization, Bike 2 Work (B2W) are raising awareness about the economic, health, and environmental benefits of cycling for urban dwellers in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. B2W’s goal is to introduce biking as an easy and healthy means of transportation by pushing for local governments to create bike lanes and storage places, providing a motivational support network of cyclists, and giving people access to safe, affordable, and convenient bikes.

Toto is successfully bridging the gap between public issues such as pollution and health problems and individual lifestyles, encouraging people to recognize their individual role in larger social problems and participate in collective action towards solving these problems. He and the B2W community have empowered people by motivating them to take action on emission pollution and energy problems by simply cycling and reducing city traffic. B2W serves as a useful network, connecting people to each other to share ideas and help make public and private bicycle use more convenient, such as arranging for special bike parking at workplaces and collectively pressuring local governments to build city bike lanes.

Toto began his strategy to convert Jakarta to a cycling friendly city by reaching out to poor urban workers, the group that still relies most on bicycles as an inexpensive means of transportation. Toto and his team then moved to generating a demand for bicycles within the middle class. The middle class is growing rapidly across Southeastern Asia, and is a difficult group to break into because the majority can afford cars, and rely on them as symbols of social status as well as convenience. Another target group is students: B2W has organized bike drives in schools to promote cycling as a mode of transportation for students and teach younger generations about the environmental problems Indonesia faces in the present and future. Toto’s B2W community has spread throughout 31 cities in Indonesia, from Aceh in the far west to Papua in the Far East, and now has a diverse membership of 11,000 cyclists, including workers, CEOs, students, lobbyists, government officials.

The movement has spread rapidly with the help of Toto’s creative public media campaigns and by individual-to-individual motivation. Toto has also gained political leverage, reaching out to the President of Indonesia to get local governments’ support for all B2W Chapters. The scaling of B2W is supported by a commitment to design new products and support the growth of bike businesses. B2W has developed and overseen the manufacture of affordable bike designs while bike shops, workshops and leasing companies for bikes are emerging throughout the country.
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