Terrie Rose

Ashoka Fellow
Edina, United States
Fellow Since 2008
My work: Enabling communities to create and sustain baby-centered childcare and education centers.

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This profile was prepared when Terrie Rose was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2008.
The New Idea
Terrie’s idea is to help the poorest communities build on their existing assets to offer state-of-the art childcare designed to meet the mental health and development needs of babies and young children exposed to the traumatic struggles of families in poverty. Deeply troubled by the character of many government-subsidized and for-profit childcare centers, including the lack of quality care in poor neighborhoods, Terrie teamed up with many local organizations including the Minneapolis Children’s Museum to create a unique, baby-centered physical space for childcare and early education. Baby’s Space—A Place to Grow is a unique developmentally calibrated environment designed specifically for young children that sends a message to parents, teachers, and policymakers: Every child deserves the best possible start in life.

Terrie led a team that designed Baby’s Space from a baby’s point of view. An expert in early child development, Terrie understood that children did much of their early learning through their senses of touch, smell, and sight, and so re-imagined childcare centers with this in mind. The astonishingly different result includes interactive spaces, mirrored walls, see-through platforms and banisters, gently sloping inclines, inviting crawl spaces, and cozy nooks. The space—which offers a 360 degree view so each child can be seen at all times—signals to parents and staff that something wonderful can happen here.

Baby’s Space brings the best practices into the most under-resourced, challenging settings, demonstrating that it is possible for society to set our youngest, most vulnerable members on a path to success. Today Terrie is pioneering a full-year, full-day K-3rd grade program for high-risk children at a specialty school in the Minneapolis Public School District. The Tatanka Academy opened at the Baby’s Space site in September 2008, expanding the model to include high quality education, parent engagement, and mental health services for children nine years old and younger.
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