Tatiana Fraser

Ashoka Fellow
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Fellow Since 2011


This profile was prepared when Tatiana Fraser was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Tatiana is actualizing the potential of isolated girls to be leaders in their communities by fostering their self-esteem, encouraging them to have healthy relationships, while also giving them a safe space to discuss the challenges they face and collaborate on change initiatives. She is creating a movement of community leaders by training girls, and girls’ organizations to facilitate change, connecting them through a national network and linking them to role models. Tatiana’s specific programming for girls (ages 11 to 13 and 14 to 17), young women (16 to 25), and girl-centered organizations supports these groups in understanding and building girls’ confidence and empowering them with the tools to not only speak out for themselves, but for others facing societal challenges. Tatiana is preventing violence, promoting mental and physical health, healthy sexuality, media literacy, and community engagement, all while building girls’ leadership capacity.

Tatiana has built a national network made up of local girls’ organizations, individual women across generations, trainers, educators, and corporate partners. These groups work across cultures, sectors, and geographies. Through her national network, Tatiana is changing patterns of girls’ isolation and breaking down systemic barriers. She is bringing girls, young women, and their adult allies together across great distances, generations and sectors, and empowering them to be leaders. By nurturing these relationships through leadership programs, national retreats, and regional gatherings, Tatiana is equipping young women with necessary critical thinking tools and a collaborative environment to practice these skills. Through her partnerships with leading corporations, Tatiana is generating seed funding and a pool of mentors to support local girl-led action initiatives.

The girls and young women who participate in Tatiana’s programs become role models and agents for change in their own communities. Today, Tatiana’s network reaches more than 60,000 girls annually.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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