Tammy Krause

Ashoka Fellow
Harrisonburg, United States
Fellow Since 2002
My work: Helping crime victims participate actively in the judicial process.


This profile was prepared when Tammy Krause was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2002.
The New Idea
Tammy Krause is focusing on the judicial needs of victims, providing an opportunity for them to determine their own involvement within the judicial process. In doing so, she moves beyond the current victim rights movement, which is based within the prosecution's office and can inform victims only of their judicial rights. With JustBridges, the initiative she directs, Tammy provides the victim with access to all parties within the judicial process, assuring that victims' judicial rights and needs are addressed. These judicial needs include responses to defense team motions and actions, negotiation in the plea agreement process, questions for the court about the crime and events surrounding the crime, and efforts to extend participation beyond the factual information of trial dates and victims' courtroom rights.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of her model, Tammy has targeted capital crime cases, the most difficult cases in the judicial system and the ones where the victim has limited involvement in the judicial process. By establishing a bridge of communication for the victim with all parties in the judicial process, Tammy shifts the focus of the judicial system both to include the needs of victims and to recognize a value-based ethic for victims–all without changing the integrity and protections of the judicial system. Tammy effectively addresses the needs and rights of victims in the judicial process to ensure that those who are affected by the crime can feel validated by the process and move to recovery. The results are powerful: cases that are otherwise typically prolonged are settled quickly as the victims, for the first time, are able to participate and thereby satisfy their judicial needs.

JustBridges is naturally replicable given both the nature of the U.S. justice system and Tammy's entrepreneurial sense. By targeting capital crimes cases, Tammy aligns with cases that will not only prove her idea but also provide national visibility. Furthermore, Tammy has created a method to train personnel critical to making the idea work and spread. Within the federal judicial system, Tammy will train attorneys from the 93 U.S. Attorney Offices around the country over the next five years about the judicial needs of victims.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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