Ashoka Fellow
South Korea
Fellow Since 2015
The World without worry about Shadow education
This description of In-soo Song's work was prepared when In-soo Song was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
In-soo restores the primacy of public education to ensure fairness in the education system. For the past four decades, the public education system in Korea has suffered from ever-exacerbating competition culture and the impact of shadow education. Shadow education refers to the activities outside of the schooling system that mimic (“shadow”) activities performed in school. In-soo launched and leads the country’s first nation-wide grassroots movement to innovate the field of education, addressing the issue of excessive competition for university entrance exams and its side-effect of excessive dependence on shadow education, moving to a more level playing field for all socioeconomic classes. To tackle the problem, In-soo employs a unique holistic solution that combines systematic reforms with programs that guide individual households to make wise and sustainable decisions regarding the education and schooling of the future generation.
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