Ashoka Fellow
This description of Sharafat Azad's work was prepared when Sharafat Azad was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2008.
Sharafat Azad is addressing the gaping hole in occupational health hazard prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in India. With the majority of India’s work force in the informal sector, most laborers work in dangerous health conditions for little pay and without access to insurance or treatment for their occupation-related diseases. Focusing first on dust-induced silicosis, Sharafat is setting up clinics for suffering laborers, institutionalizing training for doctors to recognize and treat the occupational disease, and lobbying the government for recognition and care for silicosis sufferers. Driven to his work by the suffering he saw first in the stone-crushing units of Lal Quan in Delhi, Azad has since dedicated himself to organizing the prevention and treatment of occupation-related diseases in India.
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