Sergio Oceransky

Ashoka Fellow
Distrito Federal, Mexico
Fellow Since 2009


This profile was prepared when Sergio Oceransky was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
The New Idea
Most of the multi-million dollar wind farm projects around the world have been built and operated by a few private sector players, mainly from Europe and North America. In Denmark, Germany, Ontario and Minnesota, however, a different model exists in which the community owns or has a significant say in the wind farm investment and participates in the ongoing profits it generates.

Sergio’s organization, the Yansa Group, is working in partnership with indigenous peoples in Oaxaca to build and operate a community-owned model of wind farms. He has been working to ensure that the rules governing long-term contracts for renewable energy generation are adapted at the national level to promote social justice and democratize the distribution of wealth gained from energy.

To ensure that the profits from these wind farms will be transparent and controlled by the community, Sergio created a social business and philanthropic foundation to organize and finance project development. The technical work is undertaken by Yansa Community Interest Company (Yansa CIC), a non-profit-distributing social company incorporated in the U.K. The Yansa Foundation, a non-profit registered in the U.S., partners with communities to undertake the community wind farm projects and guarantee that the income derived is devoted to community development projects. Together, the entities of the Yansa Group are working to build up a process by which the renewable energy transition leads to a more just and democratic distribution of energy resources, not just for a few wind farms in southern Mexico but as an alternative business model for developing countries.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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