Sameer Sawarkar

Ashoka Fellow
Bangalore, India
Fellow Since 2012
Related TopicsHealth & Fitness, Health care


This profile was prepared when Sameer Sawarkar was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
Sameer is finding creative solutions to build both the back and front end architecture required to increase access to healthcare through technology in rural areas. He is addressing challenges such as lack of infrastructure, absence of appropriate medical technology, and social issues in rural areas that are obstacles to public health.

Sameer is working to demonstrate that telemedicine can be effective for rural primary care and can scale in a sustainable manner. Sameer’s company, Neurosynaptic Communications, has developed technologies that allow doctors to remotely perform consultations for patients in villages. The company has also created a completely new set of processes, training and capacity building, which are integrated with the company’s technology. These tools are essential to ensure that healthcare delivered though this channel is accessible, affordable, and appropriate. Implementing such technologies and processes through diverse providers, including the government, citizen organizations (COs) and private hospitals, he has developed a blueprint of implementation models that can be customized depending on the social and economic conditions in the area as well as the resources and needs of the implementation partner.

Over the past ten years, working with diverse partners, Neurosynaptic Communications has enabled the creation of 350 village-level centers. Sameer is now focusing on building more partnerships in order to reach a larger scale. Sameer is also identifying gaps in the telemedicine ecosystem in areas such as policy, finance and standards, which he aims to fill to enable the models to spread.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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