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Papo de Responsa


This profile was prepared when Roberto Chaves was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Through a series of Chat Projects (Projeto Papo de Responsa) held in schools with a police person, an ex-convict, and youth from the community, old stereotypes are gradually broken down and new concepts enter the discussion, such as interdependence and coexistence. This process leads to growing respect and mutual understanding among the youth and the Civil Police Department.

Beto’s idea does not end with breaking down these stereotypes, humanizing the police department, changing attitudes and even changing behaviors. He institutionalizes these changed attitudes within the police department and the affected communities. In the police department, he plans to create a new, autonomous Prevention and Community Outreach Department to coordinate and carry-out the Chats Projects and programs to guarantee its continuance and independence by creating a new charter to be signed by police and governmental leaders, and incorporating independent funders. To institutionalize his approach and build a broad societal consensus around this police-community relationship, he is reaching out to citizen organizations (COs) that operate effectively in these communities and with the private sector.

The program has achieved so much initial success, reaching more than 100,000 youth in a few years that it has attracted partners from all sectors, greater visibility, and respect within the police force. Beto’s initiative has been recognized as a model to replicate by the Ministry of Justice and National Human Rights Secretariat and the methodology is also being used in the states of Ceará, Mato Gross do Sul, and Espírito Santo.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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