Reggi Kayong Munggaran

Ashoka Fellow
Bandung, JR, Indonesia
Fellow Since 2011


This profile was prepared when Reggi Kayong Munggaran was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
In impoverished districts and neighborhoods in Indonesian cities, there is a notable absence of public dialogue and citizen participation in addressing pressing community needs, and groups labeled as “troublemakers” are relegated to the fringes of society. Addressing these issues, Reggi has developed a civic participation initiative that engages marginalized youth, including ex-offenders and other stigmatized groups, both in discussion groups in which community problems and possible remedies are examined and in “action squads” that devise and implement appropriate responses to high-priority community needs.

As a result of Reggi’s work, “injection wells” have been constructed to cope with particularly vexing drainage and flooding problems, public spaces have been reclaimed and revitalized, and community-organized waste collection programs have been initiated. These grassroots initiatives have been undertaken with strong, in-kind support from the communities that they serve, and, in some instances, modest contributions from the municipal government. In addition, revenues generated by a trash collection venture, beyond those required to cover the costs involved, are being reinvested in the community in newly established microcredit and micro-insurance schemes.

Reggi began this work in 1999 with thirty marginalized youth in one small community in the sprawling—and very poor—Babakan Asih neighborhood of Bandung, Indonesia’s second largest metropolitan area, with some 3.5 million inhabitants. (A “neighborhood” in a large Indonesian city is the rough equivalent of a borough in New York City.) Over the past fourteen years, alumni of Reggi’s initiative have replicated his model in two other sizeable communities in Babakan Asih, and early-stage efforts to introduce his model in other Indonesian cities are now underway. In light of that expansion in his program’s reach, Reggi is now planning of create a Bandung City Forum, composed of representatives of neighborhoods engaged in similar urban improvement ventures, and his longer-term aspirations include a City Forum Network embracing all major cities in Indonesia.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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