Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2012
This description of Ramakrishna NK's work was prepared when Ramakrishna NK was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
Ram is generating a systems-changing way of delivering credit services to the poorest individuals by blending peer-to-peer lending with a strong back-end delivery system that controls interest rates. By carefully prequalifying citizen organizations (CO’s) and establishing robust back-end processes, he repurposes CO’s to act as branches and for the first time, deliver loans at interest rates as little as 8.5% p.a. Ram questions the increasing focus on ‘access’ to micro-credit without equal, if not more, focus on ‘affordability’ of micro-credit. He believes that efforts to increase access to credit without first tackling affordability of credit, compromises the core purpose that underlies micro-finance: bringing people out of poverty. To bridge this gap, Ram is employing various strategies that bring both credit and investors closer to the poor.
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