Preeda Limmontakul

Ashoka Fellow
Bangkok, Thailand
Fellow Since 2014


This profile was prepared when Preeda Limmontakul was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2014.
The New Idea
In Thailand, where most people with disabilities are largely excluded from formal employment, Preeda is establishing an inclusive business environment to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream workforce as competitive equals. Using innovative ICT tools that are both user-friendly for people with disabilities and profit-generating for employers, Preeda is building their professional competitiveness in technology-related fields of work, resulting in widened professional opportunities for people with disabilities. By building his training system around existing laws, Preeda is leveraging existing government funds and resources to benefit both people with disabilities and employers. Instead of isolating people with disabilities in separate employment programs, Preeda is setting up job training centers at leading universities and thus socially integrating them into a mainstream environment, while influencing the universities’ practices toward people with disabilities. Through Preeda’s work, people with disabilities are recognized for their potential to contribute fully and equally to the workforce, bringing mutual profit and pride to people with disabilities and their employers.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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