Paulo Lima

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2006


This profile was prepared when Paulo Lima was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2006.
The New Idea
Paulo uses print media to open new pathways for young people to become more active within their communities. His approach relies on young people to research and write on issues such as HIV and Aids and poverty, first engaging them at the local level, then joining their efforts together regionally and nationally. Paulo’s Youth Editorial Council, “Virajovens” is composed of young volunteers from diverse states and social classes who participate in the decision-making and publication process. The presence of adult professionals in the communication field is complimentary and serves as a training mechanism for participating youth. Paulo believes the publication Viração can shape the field of education through communication, as well as teach technical media and publication skills, in addition to critical thinking and reading. Viração is also meant to influence the magazine’s readers, engaging them through relevant, accessible topics and encouraging them to participate more regularly in their communities. Partners in education and social institutions use the journal to elaborate teaching processes that promote humanistic values for young people.  
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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