Pando Zéphirin Dakuyo

Ashoka Fellow
Burkina Faso,
Fellow Since 2013
Laboratoires Phytofla


This profile was prepared when Pando Zéphirin Dakuyo was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.
The New Idea
Dr. Dakuyo promotes the use of traditional African medicine and has integrated it into existing public health structures and distribution networks to ensure affordable and accessible medication for the Burkinabé people. He has standardized traditional African pharmacopeia by scientifically verifying its beneficial properties and developing easily producible and ingestible products, thereby giving African remedies a place next to modern medicines.

Dr. Dakuyo has also improved the traditional recipes and dosages and transformed them into medicinal products that are affordable for everyone. His reliance on modern scientific methods to certify the products has prompted health authorities to adopt a public health law that officially acknowledges traditional medicine and pharmacopeia. Dr. Dakuyo is building bridges between doctors and healers to improve the relationship that exists between them and to encourage them to collaborate. To reduce the public’s misperceptions of traditional remedies that contributes to their marginalization, Dr. Dakuyo integrates key traditional remedies into the same distribution circuit as modern drugs. Among the remedies available in pharmacies is Saye, put in tea, it is effective against malaria and only costs $.65 cents.

Dr. Dakuyo is also working to ensure the uninterrupted market supply of raw materials and the preservation of threatened plant species. He organizes traditional plant producers into a cooperative and trains them on harvesting, drying, and environmental protection techniques. Dr. Dakuyo has created a mutually beneficial system that ensures the regeneration and sustainability of threatened species, the permanent production of medicinal plants, and a guaranteed market for these products that boosts producers and healers incomes while providing affordable health treatments to all. Dr. Dakuyo is committed to working across West Africa and has partnered with other regional associations to do so.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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