Pallavi Gupta

Ashoka Fellow


This profile was prepared when Pallavi Gupta was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in .
The New Idea
Pallavi thinks the bottleneck to social development is the lack of collaboration between the government, private sector and social entrepreneurs, which hampers the scale and reach of social innovation in India. Pallavi Gupta has designed a unique, neutral platform that enables these diverse entities to leverage their collective strengths to solve large scale social problems. By building the capacity of these interest groups and aligning their objectives, Pallavi is creating a new system under which the approach to social development is shifting from silo-ed, independent efforts to integrated and inclusive partnerships between the government, social and private sectors. This platform triggers the three passive sectors to become involved and participatory in collaborative development initiatives.

In the long run, Pallavi is changing the mindsets of all the involved stakeholders through awareness and capacity building, so that they realise how the solution supported using their collective strengths lead to maximum impact, so that partnerships and collaborations among the three sectors, becomes the expected paradigm in social development going forward.

Pallavi is attempting to institutionalize this collaboration methodology between these stakeholders by working closely with the State Govt and, through her membership at the State Innovation Council of Uttar Pradesh.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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