Pablo Antonio Ordonez

Ashoka Fellow
Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
Fellow Since 2004


This profile was prepared when Pablo Antonio Ordonez was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2004.
The New Idea
Through his School for Business Entrepreneurs in Mendoza province, Pablo is tackling low expectations and unemployment in Argentina’s most impoverished urban settlements by providing a critical link between training and job opportunities for young people. The school brings entrepreneurial teachers, business leaders, and institutions into communities to teach youth the skills they need to survive in the marketplace and guide them through the process of starting their own businesses. The training is rooted in the cultural and developmental characteristics of the community, taking into account the extra needs of long-marginalized students, and employs both theoretical and practical approaches. Revenues from the school’s business ventures are reinvested in the school, making it at least partly self-sustaining, and providing a compelling alternative to traditional training programs in a time of economic strain.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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