Ashoka Fellow
Costa Rica
Fellow Since 2007
Programa Educación Marina Interactivo (EDUMAR)
This description of Omar Rodríguez Solano's work was prepared when Omar Rodríguez Solano was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
While Costa Rica’s land conservation efforts are exemplary, its seas are among the most contaminated in the region and its coral reefs have been depleted over the last twenty years despite the efforts of leading technical experts who directed massive government investments into marine conservation. Omar Rodríguez has demonstrated that community fishermen—until now major polluters of the sea—can become its most effective protectors by introducing important new actors into this maritime drama: Local teachers and children. Omar has achieved demonstrable success in one region of Costa Rica and is spreading his approach through ten different Latin American countries, as well as the rest of Costa Rica.
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The Problem
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