Ashoka Fellow
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Fellow Since 1988


This profile was prepared when Nurochman was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1988.
The New Idea
Nurochman is setting out to help develop leadership for and to educate thousands of workers regarding their rights and the appropriate action to take when dealing with employers in cases of rights denial and dispute. He plans to publish a newsletter to support both objectives, including reports regarding successes in rights claims.Building from this core of grievance/rights work, he plans to introduce far-ranging services for these workers built around a spreading net of multi-purpose, geographically based co-ops. They would typically include: (1) savings and loan groups to provide capital for micro- or small enterprises; (2) skills exchange centers; (3) transportation services to and from the members' workplaces; and (4) housing. Each co-op would deal with the special needs of its area. (The skills exchange would pool the fragmented skills workers obtain at work to help them launch new small businesses, including helping them to become suppliers to neighborhood factories themselves.)
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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