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Fellow Since 2009
Ashoka commemorates and celebrates the life and work of this deceased Ashoka Fellow.
This description of Nitin More's work was prepared when Nitin More was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
This profile is dedicated to the memory of Nitin More, founder of LEARN Mahila Kamgar Sangathana. It is his passion, integrity, and vision that have changed how thousands of women think not what they cannot do, but of what they can, and the contribution they will each make to society. We celebrate his life with respect and admiration.Through a unique women worker s union Nitin More is collectivizing women working in the informal sector, especially as home-based workers, domestic workers, street vendors, small and micro factory workers and enhancing their bargaining power with state agencies, the market, and discriminating social structures. Once their basic needs are met, Nitin is helping them to set up a private company that will ensure sustainable econmic and social security.
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