Neichute Doulo

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2000
Entrepreneurs Associates


This profile was prepared when Neichute Doulo was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2000.
The New Idea
Neichute's peer-to-peer mentoring strategy and support group involves the local public, the church, the village council, and other traditional social institutions. The approach builds a supportive environment to enhance the success of Naga youth and helps tribal communities see the benefit of business entrepreneurs. In developing this new generation of business entrepreneurs with a social conscience, Neichute's program works to create employment and income-generating opportunities, thereby rebuilding the local economy and discouraging young people from participating in violence and rebellion.
"Entrepreneurs Associates" (EA) recruits a core group of successful young businessmen to pool their resources of money, time, energy, and expertise to help new business entrepreneurs learn and achieve success. Mobilizing funds from the public through various activities, EA builds a support system for the new entrepreneurs that involves families and other traditional institutions and organizations.
The most important part of the EA strategy lies in instilling both a professional and a social attitude among the young Naga entrepreneurs. "Greedy, selfish, and corrupt businessmen even among our own people are what has destroyed us," Neichute says. Regular group meetings and close monitoring of the new entrepreneurs help instill some of the EA values of business with ethics. Neichute feels that "only businessmen who have the needed resources and also the heart and will to contribute to society can take the society forward." An important part of the strategy also lies in involving and changing the negative mindset of the local Naga people, leaders and nonleaders alike, toward business entrepreneurs from their own community. Neichute constantly spreads the concept of entrepreneurship, bringing EA's ideas to community members through church, talks, seminars, workshops, and lectures. Whether it is encouraging the community to invest their money in EA or asking them to make purchases from Naga shops, Neichute's strategy aims to create a climate of change where entrepreneurship can kick-start a process of social change among tribal societies.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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