Natee Teerarojjanapongs

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 1990
The White Line Group - AIDS Education


This profile was prepared when Natee Teerarojjanapongs was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1990.
The New Idea
Natee educates by entertaining. The original aim of his White Line Dance Troupe, of which Natee is founder, director, choreographer, and dancer, was to raise money for the poor, but in 1987 he changed its focus to campaigning against AIDS. He began by working with high-risk male sex workers, bar boys (typically youngsters from poor villages who later return home to marry and farm), and their customers. Now he is building a comprehensive program for other groups that engage in high-risk behavior, including female prostitutes and their customers and high school students. He has also developed an entertainment-rich program that travels to the villages that send their youngsters to Bangkok's sex industry to warn of the dangerous reality behind the money and glamour.
Natee combines his troupe's jazz and classical Thai dance performances with educational narratives on AIDS prevention. The troupe's program changes with each show, adapting to the nature and experiences of the audience. In 1988, Natee founded a troupe called Fraternity for AIDS Cessation in Thailand (FACT), a volunteer nongovernmental AIDS prevention educational organization that, combined with his White Line Dance Troupe, broadens and furthers the scope and reach of his AIDS prevention program.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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