Morgan Guerra

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2013


This profile was prepared when Morgan Guerra was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.
The New Idea
Morgan is revolutionizing the health system by providing prevention services using telemedicine integrated by cellular phone technologies and mobile units for the detection, monitoring, and control of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and others. Such disease detection often falls outside the scope of traditional medical detection. Morgan’s system is innovative in three respects: it attends to chronic diseases by treating whole communities with a package of highly technological services, tracks its patients with brand-new software, and is changing the role of doctors to be that of telemedical health coaches.

Morgan’s organization, Previta, takes the health of communities as a whole into account as it packages diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment services for the benefit of the ill and at-risk members of a community. Meanwhile, Previta engages in educational activities targeted at the healthy members of a community in order to prevent them from becoming ill. This engagement with all members of a community, ill or not, signals a paradigm shift in community. This shift is enhanced by the package of highly technological and convenient services that Previta offers its patients. Previta employs different information technologies (ITs) to maintain constant communication with patients, telephone health coaches, and mobile unit technicians. This ensures constant monitoring and control of diseases, thus minimizing complications.

In order to track each patient, Morgan developed an electronic health software called e-healthtracker that contains all patient information including reports from their visits, relevant protocols, medical information, and monitoring alerts. This software allows for physicians, patients, and those seeking community health statistics to analyze a number of risk factors and health outcomes for any individual or community that Previta treats. This software also makes the Previta call centers, physician-staffed call centers where “health coaches” are always available to answer patient questions and give advice, possible.

This call center design has brought about a new breed of doctors that Previta employs, doctors who work as “health coaches.” These doctors work over the phone using Previta software and files to treat patients. Morgan promotes this design because it allows doctors to treat many patients, is low cost, and trains young doctors in how to operate in the new global trend towards electronic medical files.
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