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This profile was prepared when Mogaji was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.
The New Idea
Mogaji is addressing the issue of agricultural underproduction in Nigeria by empowering farmers with the land, tools and knowledge needed to modernize production and increase harvest yields. He has partnered with the government to access information on previously abandoned land and government equipment that could be used to expand agricultural production. Farmers’ lease the resources at a discounted rate. Although extension services exist, many farmers do not benefit from this overstretched and underfunded government program. Thus, Mogaji partners with extension workers to gain access to new knowledge and then organizes the farmers into small cooperative groups and shares innovations in seed types, production techniques, and agricultural inputs with them. He is leveraging the available but unused agricultural infrastructure, and coupling it with training and support programs, to offer young Nigerians agricultural employment opportunities in rural areas.

Mogaji is also transforming the distribution of agricultural produce between village and city by directly connecting farmers with urban “mobile markets.” Instead of selling to middlemen who purchase produce at a low cost from farmers and charge exorbitant prices in the city, the farmer’s supply produce to young entrepreneurs Mogaji identifies and trains to manage the markets. This enables farmers to set prices and retain most of the value of their produce, with a portion of the sale value going to the entrepreneurs. Mogaji uses the radio to spread information about the markets and hosts city seminars so young people may learn about farming. Mobile markets offer fresh food at prices that most can afford. Thus, Mogaji is also boosting the output of an underperforming sector while ensuring that fresh, affordable food reaches urban consumers daily.
The Problem
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