Matrika Devkota

Ashoka Fellow
Nepal, Southeast Asia


This profile was prepared when Matrika Devkota was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in .
The New Idea
Matrika believes that the voice of the mentally ill is most powerful when voiced by them.
Matrika is breaking the silence and stigma associated to mental health by empowering those who have experienced mental illness first-hand, and have recovered from it, to be the self-advocates of their own rights of non-discrimination in communities, effective, holistic and government healthcare, and economic independence.
The mental health self-advocates are the living proof that mental health care is possible, as long as it is multi-disciplinary and holistic. Their stories are most powerful when told by themselves.
Koshish, founded by Matrika, has created a decentralized model for care by utilizing already existing government structures, such as awareness programs, peer support models and disability allowances through Social Welfare Ministry, and building psychosocial capabilities within the local Primary Health Centers to provide holistic care to the mentally ill.
By linking existing government structures to provide holistic care, as well as other disability citizen groups, and enablig mentally ill who go through his model for care and advocating for their own rights, Matrika is paving the way for a decentralized, scalable, multi-disciplinary, government mental health care system that answers to its beneficiaries’ needs of basic human rights and economic independence.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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