Marie-Dominique Genoud-Champeaux

Ashoka Fellow
Lausanne, Switzerland, Europe
Fellow Since 2007
Fondation As'Trame


Marie-Dominique has been providing families with a simple and efficient system - the "reliance  paths" - to help them to cope with the emotional severance that follows divorce, death or adoption. Her methodology of “reliance paths” is a holistic approach for all kinds of traumas, encompassing every step from the recognition of the problem through to healing and closure. This approach, founded on self-expression and the reconstruction of social links, empowers participants to come to terms with life’s painful events. working as soon as possible on the severance, before a patient develops symptoms, enables the individual to avoid having pain turn into deep trauma.



So far, 7 centers have opened in Switzerland, 2500 professionals have been trained and 1000 people have followed a reliance path.


Marie-Dominique created an international solidarity organization in 1984, “For them, together with them”, focused on nutrition and education issues in Colombia. As a mother of four children (two of them adopted), she personally experienced numerous problems related to the psychological and relational consequences of an adoption not properly handled. This is why she chose to return to her studies in educational and social sciences. It was during that time that she began forming a method for helping children suffering through hardships, following which she created As’Trame. Marie-Dominique is now retired.


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This profile was prepared when Marie-Dominique Genoud-Champeaux was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
The New Idea
Too often when individuals go through a life trauma they are diagnosed with a condition and given medication and sent home. This “quick fix” medical response to psychological suffering is both too late—often waiting until the appearance of visible symptoms before making a diagnosis—and too reliant on medicines that fail to address the root causes of trauma. Marie-Dominique has designed a group therapy method of overcoming trauma that begins immediately after an event occurs. Both children and parents take part in her “reliance paths” sessions, which enable them to mourn openly in a healthy way and surrounded by a supportive community. These critical initial steps prevent a trauma from becoming too deeply internalized and causing irreversible damage.

To effectively assist someone in coming to terms with a trauma, it is essential to resist the common tendency for the traumatized to want to isolate themselves. Marie-Dominique practices the work “in group”, enabling the participants to meet people facing similar situations. Working in groups makes it possible for the affected to stop feeling guilty about their trauma as they realize that others are also going through similar hardships. This community approach also gives everyone the possibility to find extra strength among their peers, and to provide support, as well as receive it from others. Beyond this, the simple existence of the group itself helps to demonstrate to the participants that their feelings and reactions are quite normal and must not be considered a sort of abnormal disease.

By addressing the many types of emotional severance using a similar methodology, Marie-Dominique removes the barriers between the problems. Her aim is not to offer a new form of therapy, but to enable people to face their pain and overcome it. The process of “mourning” either in the case of a death, a separation, or an adoption is nearly identical: Denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Marie-Dominique helps individuals go through those steps successfully thanks to a single process which is applicable to a large number of situations. The same process is already being adopted by professionals confronted with difficult situations, such as medical staff, lawyers, judges, and police officers.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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