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This profile was prepared when Luh Putu Upadisari was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
The New Idea
Sari is creating venues for traditionally marginalized women market vendors and laborers to receive sexual and reproductive health services through her organization, the Rama Sesana Foundation. She has set up a health clinic in the public traditional market; a marketplace without fixed prices where people can buy their foodstuff and daily goods, to give women market vendors the opportunity to gain information and do routine checks for their sexual and reproductive health at affordable prices. By bringing such services closer to where this marginalized group spends most of its time, Sari has been able to reach thousands of women market vendors and laborers and improve their actions to promote optimal wellness, recovery, and rehabilitation. They are even able to take their spouses, male market workers, and other market visitors or shoppers to these health clinics, further extending the opportunity to increase knowledge, practice safe sex, and obtain available health care services.

By mobilizing underprivileged women and their spouses, middle-class women, targeted government interests, and medical doctor volunteers, Sari has been able to reduce peoples’ ignorance and made their needs visible, even to themselves, to improve women vendors and laborers’ reproductive health. She has persuaded the PD. Pasar Badung, Bali (the local government-owned company who manages the market, to set up a health clinic in the market). The clinic will be one of the public services provided by PD Pasar for market tenants and customers. Sari sees the clinic as an added value to the traditional market, where many disadvantaged women earn their living, in response to the rapid growth of the “modern market.”

With the potential to reach out to 12,650,000 vendors in 13,450 traditional markets throughout Indonesia, Sari plans to work with local governments through the Ministry for Women Empowerment and develop partnerships with traditional market management. Currently, Sari is also developing an informal community of medical doctors who together see the time has come to influence their peers to move the official focus from curing diseases to include disease prevention and the promotion of health.
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