Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2011
FEM International
This description of Lis Suarez-Visbal's work was prepared when Lis Suarez-Visbal was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
By strengthening women’s economic independence, Lis Suarez-Visbal is decreasing poverty rates among immigrant women in Canada while increasing their awareness of social and ecological practices. Lis is providing immigrant women with opportunities to be successful entrepreneurs who exchange their knowledge and skills with their peers in the global south, creating a local, national, and international network of women entrepreneurs who share best business, environmental, and social practices while building their communities.
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Aligned to our vision to contribute to building a more sustainable fashion industry, that is indeed a highly feminized one, in 2013, I launched ETHIK Eco-design hub, a project that first took shape in 2009 through FEM International. ETHIK’s mission is to promote ethical fashion and sustainable development practices within the textile industry and promote ethical fashion products amongst consumers. ETHIK is not only the first incubator of Ethical Fashion in Canada, but we are also the first organization to work with the Circular Economy framework in the Canadian Fashion industry. Meanwhile FEM International celebrated its 10 year anniversary and continues to bridge the realties of female social entrepreneurs from here and abroad, creating a movement of female changemakers, co-creating a more sustainable world.

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