Krzysztof Liszcz

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 1996
Fundacja Na Rzecz Rozwoju Dzieci Niepełnosprawnych "Daj Szansę"


This profile was prepared when Krzysztof Liszcz was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1996.
The New Idea
Krzysztof Liszcz is a doctor who is introducing new methods of training and support for the mothers of children with cerebral palsy. His techniques enable mothers to accelerate the development of their children's cognitive and motor skills while working with them in the home. Krzysztof's approach allows the children to remain with their families instead of being institutionalized, which is the norm in Poland, and it halves state expenditures while opening up another avenue of care that is more stimulating for the children and includes consideration of the needs of their families, especially their mothers.Krzysztof recognizes that financial hardship often accompanies the other challenges that the parents of a child with special needs face, as a result of the need for one parent, usually the mother, to do unremunerated care work unremunerated in the home. He has built into his program a process that restructures the mothers' economic situation by providing them with certification as para-professional therapists when they complete his training. They can thus earn money while they care for children; in addition to their salaries, they are provided with insurance and a pension after twenty years.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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