Kavita Anand

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2015


This profile was prepared when Kavita Anand was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
The New Idea
School audits- a process of studying a school against benchmarks- are a powerful tool for schools to measure and improve the quality of education they provide. Unfortunately most schools in India do not undertake such audits regularly as they are threatened at the prospect of an inspection by an external party that often also comes at a high cost.

By taking audits out of the hands of experts and placing them in the hands of ‘insiders’ and peers, Kavita is fundamentally transforming the goals and outcomes of school audits. She is shifting it from a process of scrutiny / evaluation to one of reflection. Kavita empowers teams within schools to conduct self-reviews and complements such internal assessments with a review by leaders from peer schools. She thus brings the power of dialogue, empathic peer review and consensus to the school review space for the first time.

This is stimulating a new pattern of teachers and principals entering each other’s classrooms, sharing and comparing notes for the first time. The review thus becomes a feedback loop and a tool for reflection. Schools are then able to take honest action from where they are to where they want to be. Each school’s team collectively chooses their priorities for improvement and draws a roadmap toward achieving the same. This practice not only allows each school, independent of its context, to chart its own journey but also instils intrinsic motivators to act and improve. The process proves enriching for both the external and internal assessors as continuous learning opens a pathway for a collaborative and self-sufficient ecosystem of schools.

There is a furore in the education sector around quality and schools are under immense pressure to take initiatives that augment quality. Kavita is seeing the opportunity to drive quality in an empathic realistically empowering way. By putting affordability together with an atmosphere of collegiality Adhyayan is paving the way for the schools ecosystem to build its own resource capital and expertise in an area that has been characterised by failure.

By enabling schools to become self-aware and capable of conducting this review at will in the future, Kavita is placing it as a powerful tool in the hands of every school. Kavita is creating a supportive, evidence based peer review pattern that is replicable because of its low cost. Over the last few years, Adhyayan has already enabled 117 schools (that serve over 1.5 lac students) from diverse backgrounds, including rural and tribal regions to undertake such audits.
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