Juan Pablo Larenas

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2015


This profile was prepared when Juan Pablo Larenas was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
The New Idea
Juan Pablo has created a system that seeks to transform how societies develop and address social problems. Under the umbrella of Sistema B (B Lab South America), he is generating well-represented and high-impact collective initiatives to model new ways of companies, government and civil society interacting to solve social problems. By bringing these three sectors together around a common vision, Juan Pablo is redefining the concept of success so that, for the first time in Chile, diverse agents of social change are working toward the same goals together. This is creating a shift in approach, getting people and organizations to look first for collaborative opportunities when addressing an issue or doing business. This way of creating solutions to social and environmental problems has great potential, not only for impacting a city, but for modeling a new way globally.

One of the important innovations Juan Pablo designed through Sistema B is the 101 Solutions project -- an open platform joining more than 50 organizations from all sectors. After running for only 11 months, the platform has already advanced legislation around Social Enterprise and sparked conversation around changes in other public policies. Furthermore, Juan Pablo has created a series of collective initiatives including: the Company Builder program to increase the social, environmental, and financial impact of B Corps; a board game to educate children and young people about social values; the International Festival of Social Innovation; and the Model of Viral Multiplication, whose main purpose is to serve as a map to installing Sistema B’s in countries and cities worldwide.

The principal stakeholders -- investors, public servants, academics, and others -- have quickly shared all of these projects. This has shown the initiatives’ potential for replication and larger impact on society at large. Juan Pablo is also leading the expansion of B Corp certification across Latin America, which he sees as one of the mechanisms, along with other innovations, to achieving the systemic change that Sistema B seeks.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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