Jose María Luzárraga Monasterio

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2015


This profile was prepared when Jose María Luzárraga Monasterio was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
The New Idea
Jose María is building a generation of changemaker entrepreneurs by implementing an educational model adapted to the new way society is organized that encourages teampreneurship through experimentation. Inspired by the values and positive social impact of the Basque Mondragon Corporation, the largest workers cooperative in the world whose original vision was to create people-centered enterprises with an economic and social impact, as well as the TiimiAkatemia educational innovation experiment in Finland, José María with 3 teammates co-founded in 2008 Mondragon Team Academy (MTA), a global team of teams that inserts this vision into the education system.

The cornerstone of this pioneer movement is teamlearning, where students become MTA teampreneurs & commit to create a team learning company throughout the academic year, and take responsibility for their participation, complementing other members’ abilities and personal skills. The key to MTA lies in connecting the teampreneurs’ passions with their learning process, and doing so as a team, rather than individually, in which you only succeed if your team mate succeeds as well.

The learning model focuses on a Learning by Doing methodology, in which the students are not taught about entrepreneurship, but are given the tools and opportunities to set up their own ventures.

In this context, José María is leading the creation of a global network of local MTA centers, or “labs”, in which the teampreneurship concept is replicated and adapted. This ensures a connection between the local communities and the global learning process, providing a source of inspiration for initiatives and solutions. In addition to allowing the expansion of MTA through an international network of MTA labs cocreated with local partners in each city, this strategy helps create a generation of glocal changemakers: Young entrepreneurs with the capacity and motivation to change the world around them, with a local commitment and a global mindset.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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