Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2008


This profile was prepared when Jordi Pietx i Colom was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2008.
The New Idea
Jordi is shifting the responsibility for land stewardship from the hands of big landowners and government to local community members by giving groups and organizations opportunities to care for and protect their land through new legal tools and networks of citizen associations, foundations dedicated to protect biodiversity, local government departments, environmental consultants, universities and other research centers, as well as other grassroots organizations. In creating a large network of stakeholders, he has mobilized a broad base of support that allows him to communicate his message quickly, and capture people’s interest.

Jordi has introduced land stewardship concepts and mechanisms that are new to Spain in order to empower local people to protect and care for their land. He has created a large organizational network that continues to grow as he creates and disseminates new and simple tools to engage civil society more widely. He is also working with the Government Administration and law-makers to promote creative interpretations of the current legal framework that allow new groups such as small scale land owners and civil society organizations to participate in land conservation. These relationships are a key long-term factor in developing new laws that protect biodiversity from environmental dangers.

With the aim of forming a strong platform that will have influence on the national level, Jordi hopes to achieve reforms that establish permanent land stewardship mechanisms. These include, among other, fiscal incentives, quality seals, tourism opportunities and other benefits. This long-term vision combines land stewardship with a new bottom-up approach of protecting more land and getting more citizens directly involved in caring for their territory in a sustainable way.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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