John Patrick Ngoyi

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2006
Justice, Development & Peace Commission


This profile was prepared when John Patrick Ngoyi was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2006.
The New Idea
John Patrick believes that poverty in Nigeria can be alleviated and democracy sustained if citizens hold public officials accountable to honor their electoral promises, be fiscally responsible, and develop programs and budgets only with the input and regular monitoring of the community. John Patrick and his Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC), are thus empowering communities to critically analyze government performance and budgets at all levels. From local Town Hall Meetings to a monthly publication to monitoring and advocacy groups, he provides arenas where citizens can learn how to be politically active and then use their new understanding to hold government accountable. Using basic communication tools and the power of the existing social infrastructure, including microfinance groups and religious communities, John Patrick demonstrates not only an effective method for democracy building but also for behavior change. His method has been easily adopted by larger institutions in Nigeria and beyond as it also spreads among communities organically.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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