Hussam Tarawneh

Ashoka Fellow


This profile was prepared when Hussam Tarawneh was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in .
The New Idea
Hussam is creating an environment that empowers children and allows others to discover their talents at an early age in the fields of science, technology, engineering and arts. Through his organization, Creative Club, Hussam targets children ages 6 – 18 from low socio-economic backgrounds in the Levant. For children exhibiting early potential and outstanding skills, Creative Club provides them with a full-fledged support system free of charge which otherwise would not be available to them, with the aim of developing their talents and employing them for the benefit of their communities.

Hussam’s support system takes a four pronged approach. First, it includes hosting the talented children in a physical environment of spaces and laboratories. This allows them to improve their technical skills through specialized trainings and access to materials in the areas in which they exhibit their talent, as well as by linking them to mentors. Moreover, Hussam empowers the children who excel and want to implement their prototypes through financial and strategic support as well as market exposure. Second, Hussam creates a community culture that appreciates and nurtures children’s talents from a young age through specialized programs that target children whose talents are undiscovered. Additionally, Hussam’s programs are inclusive of parents so they may understand their responsibility in encouraging their talented children to excel rather than holding them back. Third, Hussam equips the children with basic entrepreneurial skills for them to turn their talents and productions into future jobs. Fourth, Hussam links the children with volunteering opportunities so they may utilize their talents and discoveries for the benefit of the larger community.

In his future plans, Hussam aims to institutionalize the concept of incubation, empowerment and nourishment of talents from an early age into all entities that deal with children, be they schools or Citizen Sector Organizations (CSOs). He is going also to replicate his model through the Arab countries such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Palestine through franchising.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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