This description of Guadalupe Alejandre's work was prepared when Guadalupe Alejandre was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1992.
When Guadalupe was told that her small son had leukemia, she came face to face with the tragedy of children with cancer. She was brought into contact with children suffering from the disease whose families, unlike her own, were unable to pay for treatment. Almost immediately, Guadalupe began to fight for these children, forcing Mexican society to face up to the needs of families who had previously suffered in silence.
The New Idea
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person


Using the Comprehensive Care Model for children and adolescents with cancer, designed by AMANC, Guadalupe's organization supports patients through all stages of the disease (diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and recovery). In each phase we try to reduce physical, emotional and economic exhaustion so that recovery, as well as personal and family development, can be achieved. The children and their families take part in recreational, educational and productive activities in order to acquire new skills. If a timely diagnosis is made, treatments are more effective; this is achieved by raising awareness among families, donors and volunteers so that the different ways of helping and being helped can be replicated.

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