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This profile was prepared when Florentinus Gregorius Winarno was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
Winarno has shaped the field of food safety and security using a three-pronged approach: establishing food safety regulations, providing job opportunities to small food production businesses, and supporting education and research in academia in order to build a future core of experts in food security.

Seeing the need for progressive legislation to complement the development of food science and technology, Winarno advocated for a new food law in Indonesia. In 1996 the Indonesian government passed Food Law 7/1996, the basic regulation on food safety and security that ensures a sufficient food supply for all Indonesian households. This legislation served as the legal basis for food security regulations passed in the following years.

In collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Women’s Empowerment, Winarno developed a community-based campaign to support local food. In addition to providing nutritional support for pregnant women and infant children, Winarno promotes breastfeeding as the best nutritional food source for newborns. He also recognizes the importance of supporting small and micro food businesses to improve food safety. Winarno’s work with street food sellers supports the application of new food processing technologies.

While Winarno has laid the groundwork for food safety, he still sees a challenge in the need to improve food security in Indonesia. He founded the Indonesia Food Laboratory Association (ALPI) in 2011 to expand the network of accredited food laboratories in the country. With the ALPI, the growing number of smaller food processing businesses can prosper. That, along with the new research Winarno has supported will push Indonesia’s food industry to meet international food standards.
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