Floralicia Anzola

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2014


This profile was prepared when Floralicia Anzola was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2014.
The New Idea
Floralicia Anzola is pushing the conversation about entrepreneurship in Venezuela and preparing an ecosystem in the country in which entrepreneurs – current and future – can flourish. In a country where political polarization highlights differences more than commonalities and where violence and economic crisis is the shared narrative, Floralicia is offering a new story. She finds entrepreneurs whose ventures and personal backgrounds she can share with her audience through several communication platforms. Then, she coaches the entrepreneurs and connects them to tools to strengthen their own work, reinforce the entrepreneurial environment, and encourage others to follow their example. In a culture of dependency on state assistance and day-to-day living, Floralicia’s ultimate goal is to inspire responsibility, action, and forward thinking.

Floralicia has discovered that many people do not see themselves as entrepreneurs even if they are. Via a her popular radio spot, webpage and social media, as well as others who pick and spread up her content, Floralicia is showing examples of what is an entrepreneur and what are their ideas for breaking out and building a better future for themselves and their communities. Three times a day, five days a week, Floralicia reaches a radio audience of over half a million Venezuelans with short pieces, including interviews, of both social and business entrepreneurs. The pieces are all online in audio and written form, and spread quickly in articles and social media. During each interview, Floralicia pulls out the personal story as well as that of the venture, building points of connection that will resonate with her audience. During and after the interviews, she also acts as a mentor for the entrepreneur, offering advice, encouragement, and connections to move their ideas forward.

Now, having profiled 700 entrepreneurs in two years, Floralicia is not just seeking out stories, they are coming to 0800-Flor as the entrepreneurs themselves and their friends now understand and nominate others. Her audience and the featured entrepreneurs are now multipliers of the culture of possibility – “If she or he can do it, so can you.” 0800-Flor is shifting towards a foundation to provide mentorship to the entrepreneurs at scale and concentrate on strengthening the ecosystem. Floralicia and her team are already adapting a lecture series for high school students, to share the 0800-Flor entrepreneurs’ stories and inspire changemaking. They are also and working on larger gatherings for entrepreneurs and allies. In the long term, Floralicia sees her work as an important tool for collaboration and problem solving across Latin America.
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