Farouk Jiwa

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2009
Honey Care Africa


This profile was prepared when Farouk Jiwa was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
The New Idea
By establishing a win-win partnership model between actors in the private, public, and citizen sectors, Farouk has successfully defined a way to integrate market driven business processes with community-based development approaches to create a secure and sustainable means of improving the livelihoods of rural farmers.

Farouk saw that if development work was to start taking on a market based approach, then the private sector needs to play a more active role in the development space. He realized however that the profit driven nature of business in the private sector makes it too risky for private enterprises to actively participate in development. High interest rates of up to 35 percent and monthly payments make current equity financing models unsuitable for social enterprise. Faced with this challenge, Farouk went on a search for alternative equity financing models which led him to seeing the opportunity in partnering with civil society organizations to provide Honey Care Africa with the kind of capital it needed. On its part, Honey Care Africa would provide inputs, training and extension support to farmers in addition to a year-round market for their produce. When the capital investment is paid back in full to the civil sector organization, it then has the option of using the same model to reinvest the same money in developing a different community.

Farouk’s model for social enterprise has been foundational in paving the way for private-social partnerships in the continent. He established a creative way for private sector organizations to access the cheap and patient capital they need to engage in development work but at the same time and using the same model established a more sustainable approach to development for civil society. Ultimately, the rural farmer stands to benefit the most from a more sustainable source of livelihood.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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