Fachrurrazi Ch. Malley

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2002
Yayasan Leuser Lestari


This profile was prepared when Fachrurrazi Ch. Malley was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2002.
The New Idea
Rajidt believes that the people of forest communities can play a crucial role in maintaining forests, particularly in halting illegal logging practices. Together with government, business, and citizen sector organizations, communities must act as major stakeholders in forest management. By teaching community members to become special investigators, Rajidt is helping them maintain access and control over their forest resources.
Rajidt uses the work and collaboration of environmental investigators, people from forest area communities, and concerned activists to monitor, pressure, and finally put an end to the illegal logging practices of all parties, especially those of the big concessionaires. Investigators are specially trained to gather information and develop reports to serve as proof of the illegal practices. Links with national and international groups put pressure on major offenders and push for policy change. Rajidt believes that the application of gathered data is what is urgently needed to promote prompt action on forest destruction problems. Most others working on forest protection issues make use of secondary data, rather than information gathered firsthand. The data obtained by Rajidt and his trained investigators make a significant contribution to advocacy groups, the media, and other forestry groups–all of whom lack this essential information.
Rajidt has devoted the past 15 years to the training and development of forest preservation investigators and has recently grasped the opportunity to spread his training module to other areas. Expansion of Rajidt's methods will continue the battle against illegal logging and thus protect the vital forests that serve as habitats and livelihoods for many of Indonesia's plants, animals, and citizens.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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