Elcylene de Araújo Leocádio

Ashoka Fellow
Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Fellow Since 1988


This profile was prepared when Elcylene de Araújo Leocádio was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1988.
The New Idea
Leocadio is launching a project that will systematically monitor, evaluate and press for the full implementation of the "Programa de Assistencia Integral a Saude da Mulher" (PAISM), an integrated women's health program.This program of the national Ministry of Health was formally put in place five years ago and was considered to be a great victory of the women's movement. However, to this day the program has not been implemented anywhere.Leocadio's objective is to see that the program is implemented over the next several years. She is beginning by mapping out carefully what is and is not being done in all the public and private health institutions in Recife. She will then focus in on the two most heavily populated health service areas in the city, areas where the program is supposed to be functioning. By monitoring performance regularly (which she can do given the access she has as a doctor) and by feeding these evaluations back to the women's community and to the health program itself, she hopes to help redefine the community's health agenda.The local women's community groups and the larger regional and national women's organizations will become an active consumer and pressure group. By working closely with the public health and medical institutions, each divided into many bureaucratic compartments, Leocadio hopes to be able to provide some of the missing project management necessary to make this integrated program function.Leocadio will spread the analysis and the model she develops in Recife throughout Brazil, using the women's movement and channels of professional medicine and public health management.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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