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GAIA - Grupo de Aplicação Interdisciplinar à Aprendizagem


This profile was prepared when Edison Durval Ramos Carvalho was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1992.
The New Idea
The Live Science program allows students to apply academic knowledge to real-life situations. The program's goals are to teach ten-to twelve-year-old students how to apply their knowledge to their environment; educate students about the environment by integrating aspects of geology, biology, and cultural history; and involve the parents. An important result is a reduction of dropout rates.

Edison has created exercises that directly address environmental issues. For example, "Decisions, Decisions -- The Environment" is a role-playing exercise for students dealing with environmental issues during an election in a imagined city. The game illustrates the dilemmas involved in making a decision concerning the welfare of the city, its people, and the environment.

Edison has also designed a program called "Vale do Piracicabe," which is a series of lectures followed by related environmental field trips. He hopes to start a "Night Watchers" class for students to observe the nocturnal environment, examining everything from human and animal behavior to plants and the stars.

Another program, called "Know Americana," involves the parents, who can both learn from their children's experience and teach based on their own. For all involved, the learning process becomes enhanced and driven home.

Introduced in the American public school system three years ago, Live Science has been met with enthusiasm by teachers, school administrators, and the community as a whole. The project now involves thirty﷓two public schools, 8,000 students and 400 teachers. Edison plans to expand the program to at least two or three neighboring cities in the state of Sao Paulo within the next few years.
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The Person

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