Deradjat Ginandjar Koesmayadi

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2011
Rumah Cemara


This profile was prepared when Deradjat Ginandjar Koesmayadi was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Ginan positions recovering addicts and those diagnosed as HIV positive as the leaders of effective prevention, care, and social integration. He has realized through his personal experiences as an HIV positive patient, that the best way to approach the social stigma around HIV/AIDS and recovering drug addicts is through a holistic angle. Therefore, Ginan addresses the social components as well as the treatment components of this problem. To better integrate HIV/AIDS and recovering drug addicts into society, he uses sports and music to combat the societal misconceptions of HIV/AIDS. To help treat and empower affected individuals, Ginan has developed a peer-to-peer treatment program and economic development training as opportunities for them to become active self-sufficient members of the community. Addressing all of these angles, Ginan’s program is unparalleled in its approach.

Courageously, Ginan founded Rumah Cemara, a program and treatment center modeled on his own experience as an HIV positive individual. With his program, participants prove that former addicts and HIV positive people can be healthy, productive workers and community members. Rather than remaining anonymous victims, through this program, HIV patients step out of the shadows and successfully integrate into society. Through the Rumah Cemara outreach program, they become counselors in hospitals and among high-risk groups. Ginan’s community development programs also create opportunities to volunteer in mobile health clinics, which provide basic healthcare to suburban communities.

Ginan has also found that universal interactive mediums such as football and music facilitates person-to-person interaction, and are powerful means to dispel myths about drugs and HIV. Integrating these activities into his program, Ginan is effecting social impressions. His program has had already pioneered strong relationships with partners such as USAID and Football for Life, and he will use these networks to scale and franchise his work throughout the region.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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