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This profile was prepared when Darío Witt was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
The New Idea
In Argentina, where domestic violence is considered a domestic problem, Darío promotes an intervention model to address violence and focuses on victim empowerment to foster self-esteem and provide the tools necessary to thrive: Decision-making, informing victims of their rights, offering counseling, providing legal services and shelter. Darío also works with abusers to investigate the societal reasons people become abusers as one means to end this cycle, and prevent youth from becoming abusers. Finally, Dario works with the state to improve law enforcement’s attention to victims and to ensure offenders are punished. Darío is closing the circle of domestic violence by working with all the actors involved.

Darío focuses on the whole picture for victims of abuse, so that they may re-establish their normal lives. He supports victims in finding work that will allow them to become self-sufficient and empowered. Throughout his approach, Darío works to keep families together and to protect their future rights.

Darío has influenced public policy through his campaigns by focusing on state programs to train police forces, changing legislation to better represent the victims of domestic violence, developing projects to identify domestic violence as a societal problem, and searching for effective long-term solutions for all of those affected.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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