Daniela Silva

Ashoka Fellow
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fellow Since 2012


This profile was prepared when Daniela Silva was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
Daniela is creating an initiative to spread government transparency and civic participation by gaining access to government data and sharing this information in an accessible manner. Through a hacker-based grassroots methodology, Transparencia Hacker (Transparency Hacker) is making government information accessible to all. Members of the Transparencia Hacker community use technology to interpret data and share it in concrete, attractive formats. Daniela aims to create more transparency in accessing public information, allowing citizens to participate not only in government but other forms of changemaking.

Transparencia Hacker’s work contributing to the development of a political culture of citizenship, encouraging people to participate more publicly in politics and to take ownership to solve problems. Further, Daniela’s work is creating a culture of collaboration and creation. Citizens are interacting with each other and with the government to resolve issues. For instance, if a tree needs to be trimmed for safety reasons in a neighborhood, a citizen can call an office in the city government of Sao Paulo to register a request. The request is tagged as complete when it is sent to another office requesting the tree to be trimmed. But there is no feedback loop to let the office that received the initial request know the work was ever completed. Daniela’s solution is to make the information about the complaint public knowledge so people can track where in the process it is and that it has been registered, so the first office need not receive the same request fifty times. Finally, Daniela’s work is changing the hacker culture to promote a positive brand—“hackers for good”—in addition to opening the field for women in a sector that his overwhelmingly male-dominated.

The Transparencia Hacker community has over 1,000 active members throughout Brazil, including developers, hackers, Internet professionals, activists, researchers, journalists, lawyers, and even government officers. This mobile community is multiplying as the demand for government transparency grows in conjunction with access to the Internet and digital technologies.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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