Daniel Buriticá

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2015


This profile was prepared when Daniel Buriticá was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
The New Idea
Colombia is a country with a high number of at-risk youth. They remain unmotivated, apathetic and highly exposed to risk factors such as crime, drugs, apathy, lack of schooling and poverty. In addition, there is the problem of paramilitary activity, which tempts many young people to take up arms in pursuit of a "better future". Daniel is creating a path of participation to ensure a genuine social impact to reduce these risks through his social integration model. This is done through four components. Real Hero, the ecosystem’s gateway, is a mobile app that gives young people a range of experiences of online and offline social services through network based games. Next is Bakongo - a summer camp experience which prepares the young people to be instigators of positive change. The third component is Pick Up, a community of young Colombians that strengthens network links and provides deeper and even more transformative experiences for the youth. The fourth and final segment is Sumame.co which is a fund that gives grants to young entrepreneurs for their projects.

Daniel provides a more engaging experience compared to other voluntary organizations. He does this by providing a step by step process to learn entrepreneurial skills. Young people in this process come away with material, emotional and empathic rewards as well as real social impact. It also provides a connection with companies that are not sure where to find volunteers. Real Hero provides virtual assignments and offline missions which allow young people to have direct contact with social organizations from as young as 15 years old. This creates an interest in contributing and measuring social impact.

Daniel managed to replicate his model in two resourceful ways. First, after students have completed the hours for social work required by law, (Act 515 of 1994), they share their experience in schools. Second, partner networks, such Daniel’s organization called the Colombian Youth Network (RECOJO) which is present across the country, and other youth organizations, replicate the model in Colombia, Latin America, and globally.

** Merged Data **

Empoderar a los jóvenes para asumir y comprometerse con emprendimientos sociales. Existen muchos alicientes, apoyos y orientaciones para emprendimientos de negocios. Pero cuando un joven decide convertirse en un emprendedor social, generalmente ni siquiera en su entorno familiar le creen o lo apoyan. El modelo creado por Daniel consta de 3 etapas: (1) sensibilizar para actuar; (2) acceder a experiencias formativas y a la vez divertidas que constituyan la inspiración para empezar a actuar; (3) formar una red de Emprendedores Sociales Jóvenes innovadores, que facilita la unión y la promoción de sus emprendimientos. En solo 4 años de trabajo esta Red creada por Daniel, Recojo, cuenta ya con 27 proyectos asociados a la misma. Los programas de Recojo se enfocan tanto en niños de colegio como en jóvenes universitarios que comparten con niños de bajos recursos y ofrecen un modelo de consultoría con metodología que les ayudan a consolidar y proyectar adecuadamente sus ideas.
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