Cláudio Vinicius Trigueiro Vidal

Ashoka Fellow
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Fellow Since 1992


This profile was prepared when Cláudio Vinicius Trigueiro Vidal was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1992.
The New Idea
Not wasting the huge volume of valuable materials considered waste, from organic materials to metals, is an obvious, simple idea. Brazil's scavengers have long recognized its economic sense. However, their very direct response leaves many other attractive opportunities untouched.Claudio plans to create both a central referral point and a network that will help communities, businesses, environmental and local groups, educators, the press, and the public to understand waste management potential and provide aid in developing such programs. The network will help them plan and launch appropriate recycling programs as well as help them sort through the formidable array of approaches and technologies. In addition, it will find dependable experts and connect them where possible with others in the country with relevant experience. As it grows and matures, it will also provide more direct advice and support materials.Claudio believes that each success will breed further successes, once businesses and governments can see the tangible examples of economic and environmental benefits of recycling; once they can talk to practical men and women who have the same responsibilities and perspectives that they do and hear that recycling is both responsible and profitable, serious reforms will begin."I believe that when a person participates directly in the experience of recycling, they begin to understand the problems of urban sanitation in their community," Claudio says. "It opens a door in which they perceive not only the harmful aspects caused by deficiencies in the system, but also that they too are partly responsible for the state of things."
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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