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This profile was prepared when Christie Peacock was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Christie recognizes the transformative power that well-managed and healthy herds can have on many of the region’s poorest people—pastoralists who currently find themselves cut off from all means of investing in their livestock, and thus, unable to effectively capture value from what should be their most valuable asset. Therefore, she has set out to bring vital value-enhancing products and services to these remote communities. Through Sidai Africa Ltd, the Kenyan social enterprise she started in 2010, Christie is building a national network of branded and carefully managed franchises that will provide vaccines, improved feeds, diagnostic tests, insurance, and other financial services to pastoralists. The first network of its kind, such franchises will be owned and staffed by qualified veterinarians and livestock technicians, thus further increasing pastoralists’ immediate access to value-adding resources.

By employing a franchise model, Christie can promise (i) quality assurance (counterfeit veterinary medicines and feeds are a large-scale problem in Africa) (ii) fairer prices for key products through economies of scale, and (iii) robust professional development training for members of the network—veterinarians and livestock technicians—thus enabling them to better serve their customers. Sidai is a business that aims to become financially viable and will be able to offer services to herders in the long-term.

Christie knows that success lies not only in a strong business model, however, but in a real economic opportunity: There is potential for far greater productivity in this sector and the development of entire new markets for livestock which would improve the lives of rural livestock farmers across the region. This opportunity is driven by the rapid demand for meat and other livestock products in East Africa, as the growing urban middle-class’ purchasing power increases. (In fact, the global livestock production sector is growing faster than any other agricultural sector.) Sidai is leveraging this trend while also helping open new markets in East Africa and beyond.

The benefits of launching the first national (and ultimately regional) franchise extend in several directions. As Sidai grows, so too will their nationwide database and their understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this space. Data that is captured will help the central team manage the network and the specific inventories and offerings of each franchise, with the goal of positioning the Sidai network as the most appropriate vehicle for public good vaccines and nationwide herd management initiatives.
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