Christian De Boisredon

Ashoka Fellow
Paris, France
Fellow Since 2014
Related TopicsMedia, Civic Engagement


This profile was prepared when Christian De Boisredon was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2014.
The New Idea
Building on a shift in the press sector, Christian is developing the capacity of mainstream media to seek out and include solutions-based content in newspapers, and eventually television, at international scale. He is federating the first global community of editors-in-chief who commit to incorporate solutions-based stories into their newspapers through testing and championing models of content sharing. This pioneering community, made up of 40 editors-in-chief representing 50 countries, is tearing down traditional exclusivity boundaries within the media sector while reducing production costs for a newspaper industry faced with the challenge of identifying new business models in order to survive.

Christian has identified the right package of incentives and tools to motivate support and participation from press leadership, and create behavior change. He is demonstrating a sustainable revenue model for solutions-based journalism by reducing transaction costs related to writing about solutions in the news. First, he coordinates the sharing of solutions-based stories among his international network of editors-in-chief; several newspapers can thus leverage the same news stories simultaneously. He also provides a trusted online, open source platform that gives journalists access to easily-digestible videos representing a constant stream of story ideas. This in turn, reduces the time and cost for newspapers to identify and write about solutions. Finally, Christian is working on convincing advertising agencies to promote their products and services alongside solutions-based news, thus providing companies with a “socially good” image while developing a revenue stream that enables newspapers to focus on solutions.

By working top-down with the decision-makers of the mainstream press industry and uniting them in a global peer-to-peer network, Christian envisions a future where solutions-based journalism is embedded in the strategy of newspaper agencies. In this foreseeable future, consumers are increasingly demanding accessible solutions to inspire and foster their changemaking capabilities and the press sector is equipped with the necessary incentives and tools to respond to this demand.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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