Chantawipa Apisuk

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2003
Empower Foundation


This profile was prepared when Chantawipa Apisuk was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2003.
The New Idea
Noi and her co-workers in Empower, the women's organization she founded, are working to educate and empower the most abused and exploited women in Thailand, its prostitutes. Empower's first objective is to help these poor, often illiterate outcasts build their self-respect despite society's disrespect and their own often unfortunate pasts.Noi has developed a series of techniques that enable her to accomplish this difficult task on a large scale. She first works with prostitutes in their own environment in a nonjudgmental way and enlists the help of current and former prostitutes, active members of Empower's staff.Second, Noi has developed a series of specific programs that enable Empower's staff to have significant impact in the lives of these women. She is providing these women with the gift of literacy, inspiring them to express themselves and removing the barriers of illiteracy. They begin by expressing themselves on audio- tape, listening to the tape and discussing their ideas. Noi then urges the women to type out their ideas, and only after that to write them down. At the end of this process she introduces newspaper reading and discussion.Another tool Noi and Empower have found useful is the theater. The plays they perform are among Empower's most useful and powerful outreach mechanisms. The plays take them bars and houses of prostitution where Empower staff educate and involve prostitutes in Empower's programs. Developing and giving performances strengthens and builds mutual trust within Empower's staff.As Noi and her colleagues build these women's self- esteem, they also pursue other big objectives. Noi is responding to the prostitutes' new AIDS-induced desire to find alternative sources of income with extensive training programs and related counseling. She's mounting a rapidly expanding program of health and AIDS education. Noi is helping these women defend themselves against violence and exploitation. Most important, she's helping them learn how to organize, voice their opinions, and press for their own needs and ideas. Beyond Empower's immediate work, Noi would like to attack the root problems that lead to prostitution. For example, she would like for girls in Thailand to gain the same respect within their families as their brothers. She would also like to see ex-prostitutes escape the stigma of prostitution and be given a fair chance access jobs, government privileges, families, etc.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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